The Strength is on the Distant

This line of guidance from the inner voice came to me some months back:

The strength is on the distant

The first interpretation that jumped out at me was the yogic technique of distancing yourself from undesirable lower movements, looking at them as not oneself and detaching rather than struggling with them. Looking at the line that way helped me to free myself from the weakened but lingering siege of a strong vital reaction that had gotten in the day before the line came.  Do any other interpretations jump out at anyone?

4 thoughts on “The Strength is on the Distant

  1. Pretty much the same I suppose. Distancing yourself from undesirable or negative elements (people/ situations/ habits etc) or perhaps from a certain attractive opportunity that isn’t to be pursued yet and waited on instead for he right time! I am reading too much into this! Haha

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    1. I like your reading of the line and I don’t think you’re reading too much into it. These lines are often multi-dimensional and its a valid interpretation that hadn’t occurred to me. Maybe that fact that you encountered my post right now is significant for you. Is there some attractive opportunity in your life right now that you need to wait on?


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