Manifesting Auroville Today

photo by Donny
Give Me your post—
exact words
on their whole creation,
and the divine does more than just speak my words;
they are manifested,
actualized actually.
They’re all over the place.
Let’s not block the city now.
We’d spell it out now,
and can I talk from my inmost secure space
and not have you hate me for it?

all this
Auroville new city celebration.
You already
put it on the funeral pyre.
It’s got lands on it
Auroville doesn’t wear.

Who said Auroville to be a government city?
Can the government control that,
human unity?
You say the Mother appointed the appointee,
and where did she come from?
A government takeover of India.
Is this wrong?
Where will it lead us?
You know a Hindu state.
Are you comfortable with this,
India institutionalized by religion?

Could religious observance be required,
and to what degree?
Would you give the power to the people
to decide for themselves?
You’d list it on the bulletin board what they should do,
how they should think,
how they should act.
I think Auroville is a proving ground for this,
a model city.

You’re just excited because she’s come to town,
this government appointee,
and she’s moving things forward,
or so it seems.
What is the master plan,
a city led by the Mother?

Let’s take a minute and count our sums.
Auroville is to be the city of the new human being.
Spiritual transformation rules the day,
radical transformative steps
of inner keeping.
This is everybody’s inner wear.
You tell everybody to do it?
You hand it down by decree?
You rule it into existence?
You make it happen
by an Auroville bigger than its spheres.
It’s loosely organized
so it can happen.
It’s got so much time on it,
but first it has to begin,
and who’s doin’ it?

I think I’ve heard Muriel preaching about it.
Manifesting Auroville says it must be done.
It’s not a legalistic handover to man.
Can you come to terms with yourself?
It’s not happenin’ in your lives either.
It’s a radical change
of you do this, you do that.
Nobody can figure it out.
It’s high in the sky.
You don’t know how to look at the world without the divine.
You’ve failed this first test:
they are not divine we are.

There opens up in you a compassion
for even people who make mistakes,
even child molesters
and axe murderers.
You way with them,
give them your knowledge by identity.
That’s what you do with them
to stop them from hurting people.
No other force works,
am I right?
Knowledge by identity
is where we meet the world.
No, you don’t have this either.

What the heck?
This is an evaluation program
to see if you can talk about human unity.
That’s a spiritual vision, you know?
You just seem to think it’s a conglomerate of humanity,
a mixture of races and countries and creeds.

Well let’s look at the secretary.
She’s at a radical change of consciousness?
That’s the Mother in her steps?
How does she approach people
who say no to her policies?
There there now my child,
you rebellious little thing,
how do I obstacle you?
My mother’s love is on the table,
and let’s see about your needs
so we can get to the bottom of this.
Does she do that?
Does she have the Mother’s grace?
If that is not needed then,
who do you want to be the principle player in Auroville?
You don’t want the Mother?

Crash and burn you say,
just get things done.
It’s not the physical city you’re building.
It’s a change of consciousness.
You can’t build that with physical means.
It can’t happen in an environment of fear and loathing.
Are you sure you want Auroville?
Do you really understand its plan?
You want 50,000 residents,
or whatever greater number,
before the true work has begun?

You’re right about the sloth cabins,
the people just there to eat
a green city,
the people who just want their comfortable livin’,
but what do we do with them?
Do we just let them be?
How do you turn on a city to divine consciousness?
Preach to them?
Where is that spark?
Move thousands more people in,
and there goes the possibility.
Now let’s work on us.
Can you see that?

No method I can provide will satisfy you,
but we’d need to see the inner consciousness.
What does that look like when it’s happenin’?
How do we do it?
You open it.
You get busy with the inner consciousness.
That looks very different than Auroville of today.
It looks very different than your contribution to Auroville.

We’d need to see the city first,
have it start its development plan
in a little square one.
It can’t do that now.
In all your talk about it you’re throwin’ it away.
You’ve just let the government come in and take over.
Can we say that again?
The government of India will run Auroville,
and you’re okay with that.

I am so very sorry, you’ve lost Auroville.
We have to wait for a savior now,
and that won’t be an administrator
or any single person.
I think the world will have to come in
and take back what it rightfully owns.
How that will happen,
well, let’s wait and see.

The Christ Runner

Photo of sitting man by Savannah Class, of painting by Malcolm Lightbody, both on Unsplash

is that the name of God?
Would you call him Jesus?
I don’t understand God’s son.
Would a man give birth to a dog?
The son is the substance of his father
and his mother,
and where is she in this picture
when we talk about the Trinity?
No God wore.

You’ve made up a family
to give God sustenance in your lives.
You don’t understand God.
Who can?
Come on let’s see God.
I don’t know where He comes from.
Could we call Jesus a bastard child?
Honestly, do you think his society did not?

Where do we go here?
I think Mary escapes to Ein Karem
to avoid being stoned.
Oh hi Elizabeth you’re pregnant too
out of wedlock.
Now can we capture sexual sin?
No he’s king of the world.
It was all a plan:
die on the cross for our sins.
And we’ve made up another story
to grapple with God in man.

Who was Jesus?
A little child born out of wedlock,
and everybody taunted him for it,
and he really suffered.
Is this in the Gospels?
No, it’s logic and common sense.
The people of his day hated adulterers
and bastard children.

Can the pedophile say that today?
Oh my goodness I’ve crossed lines
imaging sexual sin,
and how we use that to hate people.
Can you imagine a God of hate?
I think some people do.
Is that you?

Take Jesus by the hand,
and he will show you love for your neighbor,
even if your neighbor sins.
Compassionate Christ,
how that contradicts your world order.
I can’t imagine Jesus stoning people.
Go to hell you sinner!
You didn’t vote for me!
And that’s the Christ?
How conveniently laid out in your plans
to force the world on your belief.
Thank God there’s God,
the truth of things, you know?
no matter what you believe.

Jesus Christ,
I’ve not counted him exactly.
He gives us roads,
all the way to enlightenment/paradise. [worlds spoken simultaneously]
Our meeting him determines the course.
He’s not a throw away deity.
He gauges sin,
and helps us cross it.
We are loved there.

We bring him deity to us,
can find that Christ in ourselves,
the divine element,
and transfigure this in man.
These are later stages the Gospels know not of.

I think you’re seein’ Jesus,
the Christ in our lives,
spilt by Christianity.
The religion does not capture the man.
It’s legal framework
whereby to tax sin,
a framework of belief
to tail the universe on,
a holier-than-thou
that puts everyone else in hell.

This is the religion for the ages.
This is God’s total store
for man in planetary being alive.
Immensity knows no other look
than this.
What medieval planet have you been hanging out on?
I don’t think Jesus would recognize himself here.
Would you crucify him,
goes the refrain, [above and below lines lyrics from “Would You Crucify Him?”]
if he walked right here among you once again?

Now that’s John Michael Talbot.
He put down his sword
and became a religious man.
What do we do with him today?
Oh John,
you are so faithful to the Lord.
Is that a TV program?
Where is that window you opened
on the truth of Christ?
It’s right here
in the lyrics of this poem.
There’s positive paintings of the way of Christ.
You take the ball and run with it.
The ways of divinity ride here.

What happens if you destroy it,
the value of Christ?
You’re witnessin’ a new reality
if you don’t.
We’re all here in airplanes
evolving Christ.
We’re lookin’ at time.
We need a revolution here on earth.
There’s no way to avoid it
if we want to actually survive.
The unity consciousness,
a consciousness of Christ, hello?
He’s good for heroes.
Yes, he is good for heroes,
and the Gospels leave that out.

This poem was came about as a result of a conversation with a curator of the blog Some View of the World. The link will take you the post of theirs where the conversation took place, quite short on their end, and this is the second poem resulting from that. The other one you can read there.