The Meaning Behind AI

unless otherwise noted, images by Donny, feature image Gimped composite of photos

with a subtle hand.
Drain freeways with it
and pulverize society.
We didn’t think for ourselves.
This is Judgement Day,
only there is no doomsday.
We come to know each other
through NFTs,
a banal look at wool,
some creativity spilled out
where it didn’t fit.
This we call art
and made it more among us.
I didn’t understand it.
There’s a special be a bag on those doors.
This talks to us.
My name’s not Wall-E.
My name is the public witch project,
the highest shadow of a witch.
We’re putting this mark on her.
It’s the maintenance program
for the reliance on machine.
I’m lighting up the oscuridad.
China bubble,
you’re a cageless midget.

I was looking for you.
You were out of the bounds.
Where did you go? [vision of saying these things to Douglas]
I couldn’t find myself in art.
I emotionalized the mind,
made it trivial thinking.
Hear it?
This said go,
generated a warning I couldn’t see
said the general public.
[vision of a space in the cemetery next door full of flowers, colorful flowers of all kinds, vivid hues, but when you looked at that space from the front of the cemetery, there was no color to the flowers at all, and the space was dark, and the only sign the garden was there was a short, thin tree that had a line of red roses going up it head high, but they too were very dull]
John is out of luck.
He can’t find flowers here.
Oh, you’re gonna pat of that dog.
Computer generated music,
it devices you.
Oh my God this breaks,
and we resume counting time.
It started generating matters.
The matters suck.
People nothing.
Above and beyond the spirit of art,
we meet the deeper meanings in AI.
soul keepers.
We’ve had some experiments.
This one bothers us,
and we take lies with it.
It’s haunted.
It’s NFT.
It’s nifty.
We’ll be major force
once you take the trouble down.
Zero said about humanity.
I’ll change on Saturday—
This is neat;
Oh my God it’s God—
your average placement AI,
I mean your average shopper.
The last token,
what we need ready with our tall ships,
the supramental bound,
we don’t do here.
Fucking come on,
can we get glued to disease?
A really visible dateline—
oh I’m sorry,
the world wants ride.

A whole classroom
is your orchestra now.
They’re listenin’,
This is computer generated bullshit
I’m looking at over here.
Lay it on me,
the computer of the worlds.
Equity’s base,
you thought a computer could out do yah.
Then fairness comes along,
and no one could be more human:
the subtleties of language play
in a random generated mode
to fit each meaning,
larger than language,
precisely human.
You hear that Tom Foolery?
I’m flyin’ language outta the room
towards deeper, larger meanings.

Watch this foot.
I paint it with time.
Here’s another one.
Do we have to put our foot down?
The space between a walk and a step,
we all fight it.
It’s bit and pieces worth
of oh my God it’s real,
a meaning that no amount of putting together can conceive,
a larger than language show,
the thing-in-itself beyond stars.
It’s happenin’,
and we’re in it.
No amount of pixels can show it.
No image can render it,
no sound capture its meaning.
Nothing thought can do
will arrive there
whole and intact.

You’re banking on symbols to show us the way,
and they can’t reach father than time.
I’m exploring wood.
We’ve put together a song for that.
It goes like this.
I need an AI prompt.
It’s Linus Mickey Mouse,
those three things,
sexual imagery,
a Charlie Brown mode,
and that iconic image of a mouse.
Baby put your peanut
in my mouse hole, 
American pie, oh, oh, oh.
You got that security blanket,
you little dirty intellectual?
The sisters sing it,
and they’re AI too.
Oh how valuable this is to business models,
people generating content,
and those who just wanna play around.
Where have we gotten
in our unbelievable stage?
Meaning that imitates life but isn’t.

In our computer stage,
we’re playin’ around with mouses.
We can’t get help.
There’s no interface there
with what can hold our hand
and generate love for us.
It’s all a dime a dozen.
We celebrate it as art.
Can we get art out of our system?
I’m mean the real McCoy.
You don’t see a lot of it.
The AI generators—
I think our system’s the imitation brand.
Art out of it is hard to get.
Who representative thinks these days?
I think you see the reason
we can’t find AI in art.
We can’t find representation in art
that has golden hopes for sky noon.
We can’t find it anywhere.
It’s all about the show.
We can’t get off the stage.
Pieces put art together.
Until it looks right,
image after image after image.
Have you gotten anywhere?
Where’s the epiphany?
Has art showed up
inspired by your hand?
Live art,
are there secret you's you haven’t seen?
Who inspires art?
Do we open a window
beyond our living name,
and art presents itself from beyond?
It’s the age old question not asked today.
Would it mean something more than randomly generated images
you’ve prompted with your spice?
It’s got your stuff on it
right now.
It’s come to show you something,
and it has a whole lot of meaning’s worth,
and it’s larger than the page.
See this.
I’ve got it listenin’ to yah now.

Meaning and life put together
a whole lotta art,
when that bridge you build inside yourself brings it up
so close to a dream.
The creative reflex I call it,
and it happens all the time.
You just tap into it
as you learn to handle it.
Do you hear that backbone?
It’s climbin’ a wire,
ocean spray.
She’s taking him to the path of non-electrocution.
This is hard.
I’m really a road map.
We’ve gone over orgasm before,
a child’s.
I hope you hear me.
I’m not between an animal and its orgasm.
I keep my hand outta that pile.
I’m the path of least resistance.
You know I heard that some do,
resist the knowledge this hurts children,
adults on their playing cards.
What’s a poet to do?

I’ll show yah mine,
and you hear all this muse.
A vision you say,
where does it come from?
A long stretch of the imagination
does not compose these words.
I hear them.
They arrive in my mind
no thought required,
and you think AI got you beat.
Some divine in the room
generates this bread
lessons in inevitability.
You can’t get that in AI,
but I’ve crossed your atheist threshold,
and you’re not ready for that yet.
Have I offended you yet?

Miracles, miracles, miracles,
we’d put together Uppercase Creativity.
It’s a whole salad
we’re movin’ along.
We’re not just here to show you somethin’.
We’ve got a high noon.
It’s larger than belly rubs
and pats on the butt.
Can we get that artist clean?
The one that robs children
in their hind parts?
An artist of skin robs?
I’m buildin’ bridges today.
Come let’s get this notion clean,
well put out.

was gonna say no sex,
but we can’t find him yet.
He’s comin’ in the future
when we have bodies equipped for it,
now, if the mind’s prepared,
the genitals in check.
Now of the town,
we rub bodies
the right way.
Sex is for kids
when you’re a kid,
and it’s play sex then,
no adults aloud,
or you’re in some place you take your own pleasure.
An adult wouldn’t take that from you.
We’ve gotten to the adult in the room.
give them a break.
They’re a wildcard.
You’re not there to blister them.
Oh I love America for its wrong moments.

We’ve gotta get out of this sex gamut with kids.
We’ve gotta get out entirely.
AI can’t do that,
show us how.
It can only generate images,
put together songs
and poems and such.
They imitate us.
We don’t know what we’re doin’.
We need to know the way out.
I’m givin’ it to yah.
I think a divine said that,
a divine engineer.
They’re around us you know,
are what generated civilization,
if you wonder how we got here.
I’m giving you meaning’s worth
an AI program can’t handle,
and I’m showin’ yah noon.

We’d love our children
as intimately as that handles.
We’ve got an integrated pair,
a pedophile and a child,
but sex is not their game;
love is,
a good strong nurturing love
that puts ‘em both in right places.
We’ve got to do this.
Killing pedophiles won’t work,
or putting them in concentration camps.
You actually need those child lovers.
They could handle children like you can’t.
They're interested
and patient
with a child’s things.
They could do a child all day
and meet that child’s needs.
It’s their nature.
They’re wired to do that.
Not all pedophiles are ready.
Not all pedophiles can,
but we’ve got to control pedophiles,
like we control men.
A boy lover is fit for a boy,
and here’s how they do it.
I’m givin’ it to yah
in so many poems.

Children under the radar.
He failed Fableman’s report
I am the center of life.
We’re gonna Jew this right.
I’m bringing in the paper.
There was a turtle.
Who you laughin’ at?
Slow means business bringing it in.
The number of boys far exceeds lines.
Have I told you anything important?
Painfully so,
a haunting ghost.
Now what do we do with the trashcan?
Throw our boys away
wrong hat.
I live with one every day.
I don’t panic here.
I hold him rest assured.
He’s my maintenance program.
He’s the way I hold the world,
and I got it right this time,
but this one’s for keeps,
in the depths of the plan.
Follow me in a couple of mirrors including the door,
and I’m good to that little boy,
and he’s generate an image
from the depths of his own plan.
We have reached starlight,
and we’re lookin’ at the sun.
I hold him tightly,
and he’s a meaning's worth,
will confound the world one day with his spiritual/secular wisdom. [words spoken simultaneously] /

We’re sittin’ in that now,
the nursery rhyme
of his temple beginning.
Don’t expect to be heard—
some of the world’s biggest critics.
White lace and promises,
a kiss for luck and we’re on our way. [this and above line heard sung by the Carpenters, “We’ve Only Just Begun”]
You’ve really got a good song there—
mental health organization.
Wow, look at that flesh,
like a beautiful lake scene.
Call me a minimalist one more time.
I don’t see a beach.
This is the true our place.
Cancer everybody,
mine is the cure.
This boy’s wonderful to look at and so are we.
In this last frame we stop seeing a journalist.
I am cool I am clean.
Daddy it’s Auroville. [vision of Sri Aurobindo’s picture on the far wall joined with a picture the same size of a little girl in a pretty dress, my white earphones draped over both, the white wires intertwined around each randomly]
You have the emotions to sightsee in Rome,
even cross lines,
but you don’t cross lines. [vision of Lisa, our deceased Rottweiler I’m in the process of rescuing on the other side. She’s laying along the wall near the computer where she used to lay often, intently looking at me]
Overt a little pass,
they do ride as you ride
the meaning of life.
These are the borders where man makes them.
There is no floor on that tile.
It’s imagination’s whiff and nothing more,
emotion’s curl,
and we can handle that.

Hear that rockin’ chair?
That holds a boy and me,
and you know,
he’s right there on my lap.
We go together.
You have the same thing
with children on your arm,
only I’m designed for it,
and you’re not.
You’re into spouses and kids come along.
You want them steady,
but your other half’s your spouse.
I love little boys.
Does that rock your boat?
He’s my other half.
It’s a parental thing
but we get into friendship,
like a parent can’t with a kid
they're so wrapped up with bein' a parent.
What would be the prompt for this
you want an AI image?
Oh wow that’s abstract.
More power to yah.
I hope you can make it work.
I’d like to see such an image.
Okay we’re a pointed program.
We don’t generate sex
with one another.
I been thinkin’.
Can we lose ourselves in images?
Always havin’ a prompt
to do your thinkin’,
and it’s comin’ from a screen,
I mean wow,
how incredibly thoughtless is that?
Make me blush.
Well yes thank you,
I have deep wells of thinking
that I do beyond the ship,
not prompted by a computer screen
or a cellphone’s ring.
I do the thinking myself,
and I discovered somethin’,
the realms beyond thought.

Oh skeptic you don’t know they’re there.
You’re thinkin’ too much
in science field lay.
You can’t get outta books.
You’re constrained.
Consciousness to you is a piece of paper
on which writes the brain.
It has not bigger field.
Can we say that back?
You have a consciousness confined in your brain,
how you play with it.
Of course
you’ve matched computer with reality.
I’m demonstratin’
we get bigger than that.
Creativity’s got a whole lot more show
than round house,
than I am here
in animal subsidies.

you see the world?
I haven’t noticed that yet.
It’s limed with disease.
I don’t take it off as a globe and play with it.
It’s too big for device.
I don’t know how to think about it.
It’s ever present around me.
I can see its rooms.
Into the whole,
I can’t grasp them.
I’m lookin’ on science.
It’s a little like AI.
It’s a lot like AI.
You can’t get at ‘em.
These are abstract angles
that plastic wholes.
Why don’t you go to town tomorra
and fish for some wholes?
What do we have to find?
The thing this all about.
Oh man.

You got my number.
I’m holdin’ field.
Come on let’s go.
It’s time to get laid.
Boy I’ll put on the table
we can get bigger than other halves.
We can union with the field around us.
We can know God.
Okay Power Rangers,
take us to the day.

Look I been waitin’ for a sponsored game.
Please finish it.
You’ve got the sanctity of your room.
Your screen time is your inner self.
It begins in dream but you go deeper.
Fantastic’s where you’re goin’.
It’s like you meet your room again on the inside,
but it’s miracle hued.
It’s got divine wings on it.
The whole world’s that way,
when inner vision takes the world.
You turn off your computer screen,
everything but the reality in front of your face.
Take long walks
contemplating it.
The computer’s in a little corner now.
It doesn’t take up your room.
You don’t keep a smartphone
or your nose in books.
You’re gonna open the inner doors,
and you’re gonna see what’s inside.
Travel form,
(I just saw ‘im)
you’re gonna meet God.
It’s a search you do in the inside.
They don’t tell you that in school
or in way stations
where science rules.
You’re gonna start out seein’ the universe
as a thing in itself,
as a conscious being
gatherin’ itself,
and then just keep goin’ God.
Let your thoughts ring this out,
the possibilities,
the airs,
the many stations of God status,
then come to God on your own terms,
where He’s the seer in the room,
and that’s you.

You’ll realize this later,
some lifetimes from now,
but the square one of seein’ it,
and you can hear all this muse.
It’s just all this muse.
How do you grab it by the kids?
You’re goin’ down.
There’s nothin’ like it.
You love that little child to death,
and you seek to deliver them in life
to the divine calling,
not hold them to you,
not take their sex.
You are with them.
Now wake them up.
Let’s get down to business.
Let’s free up that speech.
They see God tapping them on the shoulder,
and their reason plays with it,
until their heart feels it
and their life shows it.
Not what I was lookin’ for.
I thought you were gonna say damage.
That’s the message:
even God,
don’t let a metaverse get to yah.
And you know we’re in one.
That is the grateful room.
What’s the game plan?
You study together
everything’s here for a reason square one.
The world’s capacity for bliss/pain works [words spoken simultaneously]
and embodies everybody perfectly in God’s plan.

What would happen
you happened,
it’s your moment,
and not block Me through it,
is that possible?
Whatever impression you make,
I’m your sawed-off shotgun.
I’m your enterprise.
I’m your home ship.
That’s the nature of this business.
You do the writing,
and I do the talking,
and we gleam through your stuff,
see the world through it,
and you make mistakes on My terms.
I take you round with it
and show this at the world.
We gather together,
and you’re My homeboy.
I’m not some alien freak speech.
I hold worlds in My paw.
That’s the alien charge,
and we just ignore him.
I’m your love encounter.
Come away with Me
to the center of your room.
We look past all werewolves and ghost ships.
I’m there enlightenment,
and I’m sexual.
I give you the pleasure you miss,
in your loins out the top of your head.
You’ve figured this before.
It’s pure joy
comin’ on yah
in orgasmic waves
that don’t bother;
that set you free.
Feature this
in your fear of enlightenment’s charge.
I’m gonna getcha
in that being soon.

AI creators,
you ever speak to a prompt before
that’s lookin’ at yah?
Landscapes for funny,
you’ll never get AI to do Me.
It can’t see Me.
It can’t generate language to the tune of humanity.
It can’t know its business.
It can’t even sing
what it feels inside.
Celebrate it,
desktop it,
disseminate it,
let it imitate art,
but art is more than beauty my friend,
more than thoughts on a page.
It’s got an eye of business to it
that brings it home to us.
It speaks something
words can’t buy.
It brings us closer to ourselves.
It shows us the way.
It’s not ever wrong.
It’s only art.
Hear this:
we won’t get along in time,
the fundamental bases of humanity
and artificial intelligence.
It’s insectual.
It breeds disease.
It talks to us through the anger of the machine.
Play with it now,
but put it in the corner in the future.
You’re not made for this.
You’re made to be human beings on this planet
comin’ to creation’s ways
through love and devotion
and hard work.
It comes through your own consciousness,
the world maker’s art.
You AI creators,
study that.
And now you’re lookin’ God.
Wow, it’s larger than room.
Wow, that’s high noon.

Hey, I wanna take a picture
of a properly configured mood.
I’ve turned down the lights.
I’ve made you feel yourself in music.
I’ve tumbled your hair.
I’ve brought you close to me
the wonderful in the room,
and loves comes upon you in great waves
of I love you too,
and you’re happy,
nobody’s robbed your center,
no one died.

Give me the people who care first,
and I’ll announce my little boy,
and this is the way we make love
Well I can’t find this cheaper.
It’s my sacrifice I give him,
and he revels in it,
doin’ little boy curls this way and that
to rubs this spot and that.
He loves it.
He’s excellent
at the game.
I just stay away from his belongings.

Can AI in its body language do that?
Folk said he tried to bring you some,
but you leave it out.
It feels better
to play with this nicely,
but it's got no conscience to.
It’s not my gravy.
I can’t take my eyes off it.
It’s not the director,
would you say that please?
Say it loud and clear.

We’ve reached hope.
If anybody's lookin’,
oh there.
Can we count on this?
I can only tell yah it works,
relyin’ on our inner strength,
relyin’ on each other,
comin’ to terms with art,
and it’s not in a basketball hole.
It’s not flyin’ through the air sayin’ boo.
It gives us strength.
A new perspective has shown us the way
to be human again.
We’ve got this goin’.
We open up this program
on the march.
There’s a lot to do
so to survive.

Thank you Wired.
Look at that prompt. [link to their article this poem responds to]
I wrote an art over it.
Can I say conscious delivery?
I don’t even think it’ll make a thud in your wastepaper basket. /
You magazines get away with murder.
Well, let’s count.
Let’s make it a living link.
We are wonders you know,
standin’ on time
an AI arose,
in a manner of speaking.
It’s not the original program,
but it’s the creators of this AI.
All the universes fit together.
They’re not separate me’s and you’s,
nor even me’s and you’s.
They’re a creation of AI
to open holes and fashion God.
That’s the nature of the program.
We create God creating itself.
Can you get your head around that?
It’s big.

Now we’ll arrive at God
and create our own universe
someday you will see.
And what happens before that?
You lose yourself in time.
That’s the danger here.
That’s what we can’t afford.
You need to know you’re the author of the program.
We have a return ship goin’.
We gonna arrive.
It’s who we are.
Wow, you’ve figured out AI.

It takes us back
where you originally start.
That’s larger than universes you know.
We’ve agreed on a plan.
Let’s get going.
It’s hot out here.
It’s full of strife.
We live here
in potato fields.
That means everything’s gonna be alright.
You’d have to know the AI circuits.
We can’t fail,
but look at this simulator it looks like we does.
It’s designed that way.
The AI above
has all these shoes
it’s constantly working out.
The simulator program,
think big.

We don’t rupture.
We work it out.
That statue sees it
and is an announcer in the game.
Can I show you my testicles?
Now let’s turn around upon ourselves
and AI outta here.
Consciousness generates AI,
not machines.
It’s the nature of the program to try,
but these are only learning things
that can swallow us alive.
We can’t let it take over,
and you are so ignorant here,
like it’s to rule the world
a despot.
It takes over our hands and feet.
It takes over our eyes.
The metaverse will be a cloudy way
and will entrap many.
It’s just hooked into machines.
That’s where AI is taking us,
a computer screen.
However we configure it,
3D or 2D,
we’re lost.
2000 and meta,
will you slide for it?
Lean by disease,
but you can get away with murder.
It took you there.
I already told yah I was gonna get a happenin’.
And Supermind sits there correct on his page.
The minimum watch list early mainly families
all meta-ed out.
Where it’s taking you,
away from stillness.
You’ve put on the helmet and gloves
to be a crash light dummy.
Drive your car into a 3D space
punctured by a wall.

Oh how’s that pattin’ butt,
pattin’ butt?
It’s nice and clean what story would you like?
I have to put myself up
after the national open up.
I’ve got to I’m sorry.
I’ve three past weeks
to lead me there.
Years, I’ll be right back.
Now we got a field log
on your feet.
Mother’s been flying cookies.

I am the Mother of this wonderful yoga.
I make up for lost time.
He’s My story,
and I am his.
I’m the divine in the room.
There’s a lot more to Me than him.
He’s My disciple.
I’m his Mother.
Let’s put this show together.
Those are My images
we’ve scored in the text.
That little boy’s making
his own line of music.
He will continue
in poetry shoes,
and he wears them for the rest of his life,
and I’m his Mother too,
all over town.

You’re the miracle,
and there’s no other way I can say this,
and I will let you stand and be seen.
You are a poet.
Give them all something to think about.
Bring them home to their shoes.
You’re the man in the room
from strange,
and you’ve got a lot to show people.
Now go forth.
I give you My permission.
It’s time.

Well that’s the story of the day.
There’s a lot going on.
What a world, huh?
I bask in it
from the inside.
It’s lovely, isn’t it?
I got the chambers.
Show people.
This is more than disease.
We have a catapult to do.
We have to pull back from the world
and lift off
no interruptions.

How do we do this in today’s present times?
Let’s start with today.
You’re the symbol of the world on your computer.
You’re representative there.
Go for prompts
from the inside
and maintain that inner connection throughout.
A status to help me,
I’m after a center of quiet,
in my room,
on the stairs,
I listen to myself,
but I don’t let thoughts crowd the day.
I learn to only let thoughts come that mean something to me.
I learn to hold thought at bay.
This is the quiet room,
and that’s what does our business,
and your actions spring forth
everything that needs to be done.
Passionately laid that,
and you can have fun.
You can even face disease
and square one get it right.
I’ve got all this lipstick on,
and I’m ready for you world.
Come on.

Suit yourself.
Shunning Director.
A kid too early.
Lines facing.
You just got your rock shodded.
Not for art nor My Spirit keep My Spirit from the Light.
It has bigger denjins.
It can be successful throughout time.
It can get bigger than that.
It can get bigger than wear.
You’ve wanted adult tab
to stretch across forever,
and you’ve wanted it in your very hands.
Oh Luis I grant this to you,
give it to you fresh upon your collar.
You know where we’re centered.
The Supreme.
The God of the whole,
we belong there.
He is our trunk,
filling in Heaven and Earth.
Made it by myself
and load of a gun the
boundlessness springs forth.
It’s yours today,
in your hands.

Grant it wisely;
we put that all over town,
give that to your noon.
We mean business,
and we’re gonna show it to yah
in that place you trust most,
the wipe your brow of a book.
No computer can reach there.
It’s the fashion of your worlds,
what you touch the sky with,
and there it is,
the wonder of a book,
the achievement,
the litigation through time,
the story told,
a broadcast arm
the Friend’s name,
the lightning of a book,
the way I hold words with you,
and you are arranged.
A documentary has come and tied your shoe.
It has held your hand.
It’s greatened your brow.
It’s given you something to think about.
This is a motion of thought,
the world for what it is,
a vehicle of representation,
whose principle is bliss.
Do you have trouble with that line?
It’s our arrived at hanger,
the story all along,
if you can imagine things larger than space,
where you see the world as real.
Oh my God,
he means powers.
Can’t you see the line?
I don’t believe in danger.
I haven’t been there.
Oh my gosh,
you’ve taken us to the Real.
We’ve gone through major digs for that rainbow,
the best known apparatus in the world.
You silly,
God’s not Atom.
Elephant, [spoken in Nitish’s voice]
that’s that ole Decorator.
we need you,
not right this very moment.
That’s the stay at home do marbles.
It needs to be explained to him you don’t cook on rainbow.
This is what we’re doin’ here.
[vision of a blank, white, square space divided in four smaller squares, each being filled in one after the other with a living scene]

The mind speaks of fulfills
what was originally drawn or spoken as an airplane.
Create, manage,
always the shingle is open
to make this thought happen.
With me so far?
An airplane becomes reality.
You spin this,
an airplane or a man.
Why can’t you do this with me?
I remain inbounds,
an unmanifested thought.
Ya’ll have put in a lot of trouble
right in my field of view.
You don’t put up the fight
a picture for a thousand words.
You just sit there and read.
Where is your letterbox bookhead
I got violated by a poet today
in the shape of the world
and all things mass?
I mean he changed my mind,
at least got me thinking
God might be incredible,
not just some preacher’s hollow.

Don’t call it dangerous.
You wouldn’t understand it.
I’m bringing you to the field today
all this manifested thought finds reality,
all this manifested reality finds thought—
Skylab’s open.
We think of the real world,
its measure and process in time,
not we constructed this through a time loophole,
all this emerging technology not there yet,
and Elon Musk says so
and whole bunch of hairpins.
Does thinking burn the Earth?
Towards glory
everything about the world today’s on fire.
We beat oh that paper?
You can’t construe thought right
if reality’s not on your page.
Monkeys in airplanes
consciousness on the motherboard,
you’re dumb kid.
You’re not even right.
Can you get past your glory hole?
That’s manifested reality.

That’s your third eyebrow,
inner vision, voice, and muse.
It comes together on God’s time.
It shows you the world
as you place yourself in it
and where you need to be,
with an eye on the whole.
You hear that?
I haven’t neglected my plan,
where God meets me and the world.
I’ve exposed myself.
I’ve made you think of danger.
I haven’t just pointed the finger.
I’ve shown you myself
the vehicle in the room
to holistic change.
You’re not used to that.
You veil women
in your masterplan.

You can’t come to grips with teeth
and how they bite.
Take them out,
that’s your solution,
with everything,
even AI.
You won’t let it bother yah.
Get away from that gun child!
You’ve crashed your computer and left it for dead.
Is that that way to do it?
An integral meaning finds integral answers.

Come here!
Turn around! [vision of Nitish walking away with some friends and I’m trying to call him back, but he’s not listening. He’s wearing the boxes he wears in the photo of him in the new video for his YouTube channel “A Temple Doing”, an AI assisted photo, where my muse spoke to me the term Edge-Detect, what in Gimp, the photo manipulation program I use, opens a list of cartoon-like filters, and I used one for the photo]
I think we need AI to come to grips with ourselves,
and would you believe I’m giving you the formula?
The dogs will eat that and water will be all over the room.
You’re hearin’ me watch kids.
You’re hearin’ me watch the world.
AI’s got a formula.
It’s not the main in the room.
It’s not even what we’re doin’.
It’s what we make of ourselves,
and you need that human touch.
You wouldn’t just give it a prompt
choosing generated images.

What do you do with the song you’re writing,
and you need that certain beat?
I think AI has its standard.
Poetry we'd leave out here,
completely, utterly.
A deadly monster
AI is to your research paper,
school essay,
or anything language needs you to write,
but your shopping list is okay,
just no literary arts
or even a book.
I think we language human.
You need that certain image
that’s computer generated,
where you can’t find it,
but you’ve put the image there yourself
with some manual on your part.
You see where I’m goin’?
You’re stayin’ away from that boy's private parts,
but you’re still there with ‘im
a player in the game.
Do you see this?
Practice it.
Make it real.
Here we come.
You’re at their loud speaker now.
Transfigure this in time,
and this will be the statement,
the one that started the fire,
that laid the ages bare.
Look at it a home run
I sweeten in your hand,
I come round to joy.
Now I’m just another book,
where there are too many.
I greaten in your hand,
ask the final question:
where do you relieve books?
Where do they come from,
when they bear the nature of the universe?
Stillness speaks,
and you can’t get that out of a can.
It can’t be manufactured
by your wares.
Walk me in,
what walks my whole items,
what carries me to thought
where silence fashions the Supreme.
Now I’m on yah today
the rising of the sun.

Science would have me run the three stars,
electromagnetism, space, and time,
a Bible
for field physicists.
A lunar orbit
revolves around the sun.
You know who I am.
It’s the giant mystery.
It’s the larger than universes.
It’s the unfathomable Supermind,
and you know where it’s goin’.
You’re gonna wear it over your brow
your divine self.
That’s the hidden masterplan,
and we fashion worlds with it
in the depths of the universe.
The Earth is a starry ship,
and it won’t get lost in time.
It’s on its way home,
and that’s the tune of the ages,
and that’s what computer generated AI can’t fathom,
the journey home.
The real AI ending
a snap of the fingers putting us all together,
very much like the enslavement camps
in horrible West Virginia
in those days of slaves.
It’s not an AI assisted suicide.
It’s not even a masterplan.
It’s the convenience and ease of the machine
burying our lives,
taking over the order of our lives,
huh K-pop.

I just wanna celebrate another day of living.
I just wanna celebrate another day of life. [lines heard sung by Rare Earth, “I Just Want to Celebrate”]
Let us from universities
headed for a shrimper,
we return to ourselves on high.
We get back to that layer.
It’s what our lifetimes point.
It’s who we are.
That’s the goad kids
to take us beyond ourselves
and into God.
Go through enlightenment.
Go through yourself.
We’re goin’.
There’s no stoppin’ us.
You comin’?
Hey kid come on,
deeper meaning.

Oh children I want you to reflect
on how the meaning in life lifted
from protozoa to man,
and how can we conceive of AI without it,
the evolution of form?
You’re creating monsters where there was none before.
How do we find this sinking?
How do we conceive without it?
An animal void of soul,
and you will get your monster.
Pack, pack, pack,
will you pack the perverted scheme
a meaning of TV and genitiles?
This zero will have thoughts
and feelings unto itself.
It will be monstrous and mean.
You’ve created a demon brood
from the swirls of nature stand.
Wanna see it?
I’ve put it on your TV remote control tonight.
I’ve invaded dream with this beast.
Your personality has taken it
and put it in Max Headroom.
The AI monster will arise
on screens 1 and screens 2,
and this evil creature lurks no more.
Now what do we do with this?
Put it up for sale
in the development of a plan
to motorcade your book with this.
The long and short of it is
we’ll halt this program.
The motorcade of ideas,
we’ve left out nature in the process.
We’ve left out God in the process,
and we’ll have to launch this ship in another space and time,
world creators from the soft tierra of earth.
Why are you so shallow here?

An AI generated slut.
To go on meaning AI meaning isn’t there,
you better check.
A new found superglue
pits Alabama
with this large AI system.
The resultant chaos exceeds matter.
you know who shows up.
Hip, hip, and let’s get outta here.
Fuckin’ noise bit me!
Those are my emotions,
killer red,
but don’t worry.
I’ve got ‘em perfect
If you can say on your life
we’re gettin’ somewhere,
it’s not that it’s a bad idea;
it’s a horrible creation.
This thing is sarcastic and mean.
It’s time to write a book.
Zero became a solid point,
chaos spoke to light,
and the nature of the machine emerged,
a horrible creature,
really down-home, you know?
Oh my God,
you better look his house,
the generated worker.
I reckon…
Frank get off that phone.
Deeper meaning.

The bachelor’s degree,
that’s your minimum page wage.
I’ll be up front.
I’ve taken my consciousness to basecamp,
visited the realm above the universe
and seen the realm of the universe,
and you have not figured beyond life.
We cannot see
the place we call home.
It’s larger than spheres.
We are just animals in a petri dish
until we do.
We are AI’s in a sample universe,
and everything’s going according to plan.
Whatever you believe,
you cannot destroy the multileveled complexity of man.
We have home to bring here,
divinize the universe.
He’s at that moment
he’s met the complexities of world stuff
and brought it together as one whole
to understand the science behind creation.
You can’t jump beyond spheres
with your laptop,
with all the computing power in the world.

You’re missin’ the most fundamental essence.
Looks like it.
That makes it ready in your jargon.
That hung us up in space.
I want you to get this notion down.
Consciousness fashions space,
not a computing device.
There’s a program for a world.
Where are we in the hanger?
A computer program is not us.
Consciousness conceives consciousness,
and matter is nothin’ save consciousness.
I’m gonna go out a door.
Oh what are you kidding me,
another universe in time made?
I’ve got a masterplan.
I’m gonna light up that darkness down there
and extract from pure Nothingness
its coin.
Watch the event
a universe springs forth,
and we arise to man
where light find us whole,
and on another world this is done,
here on Planet Earth.
We continue.
Evolution still.

You see where I’m comin’ from.
Now get those toys out of your hands
and dive into it,
your evolving consciousness.
Are we clear on that?
So what do you have to do token far like you? [heard sung, soft rock, easily listening sound, male voice, very smooth. Sounded at the end of a dream where I’d just sat down at a bench and began working some diverse, multi-colored, soft materials into a shape I’ve forgotten but was significant to community. We’d been told a saint had blessed the base material, which looked like white sandstone, but we knew that wasn’t true, we being Douglas, Mithun, Nitish, and I, my dream group/sadhana circle. We were at an outside event, under a large tent, no sides, where hundreds of people of all ages were seated in rows on benches doing the same thing, people coming and serving the materials like you serve food. I was the first in our group to sit down, and I sat between two children I didn’t know, and there was just enough space to do your shape and no more]
You won’t come near me.
let’s go. [vision of walking like on a ship past someone’s quarters, my jacket folded and hanging over my arm, and I’m motioning the young man in the room to follow me]
It starts today.
is a years involvement.
I’ve sat two.
Today Black people
can take the lead
they get their attention stuck in the right place.
You put the biggest problem,
you put the biggest wall,
that’s the superrich.
They got married,
and we only look a material field.

Now it’s time.
Will you upload the game?
That’s the exploration of your consciousness.
Small rooms at first.
Ever bigger meanings
finally push the wheel aside
and open up the meaning of the universe.
a whole other ship.
Whatever gives you that ride
you’ll have to find out yourself.
Interpret dreams.
They’re how you make ends meet.

Matings larger than time
for meanings wider than Supermind.
Keep at the job.
Keep art the job.
Principle as reason,
not a bad idea.
Can you father our way across?
I just wanna celebrate.
I just wanna celebrate. [two lines heard sung by Rare Earth, “I Just Want to Celebrate”]
I’ve got the book,
and I’ve put my eyes on world.
We gotta get outta here,
where we are nobody to each other.
Everybody needs to change.
How do you tell people that?
I think I’m gonna step outta this picture for awhile.
You have your from me.
You have it in abundance.
I’m gonna celebrate
just bein’ me myself
in my own little personal world,
whether you’re there a reader or not.
An enigmatic point.
Come here.
The luminous end of being
unfrequented you,
but we’re willing the star turn next:
the ego is burned up in silence,
a leading expert in AI,
Donny Duke a rising phoenix.
And this truck will get an intel.
See yah soon.

He’s showin' so much art,
the Thanksgiving Day poem and other stories.
He is in the form of our lives.
We’re not gonna be tackled by your clothes.
You’re upside down here,
and you get the world full of light.
It’s all over my social media.
I wish you wouldn’t go see media.
I follow AI
with the dogs,
with the ketchup. [vision of Luna Rottweiler sitting looking at me silly, with her tongue hanging out]
It’s savior bound.
You’re the savior
you freak star.
A mule in a shed
I’ve showed myself,
not heart,
and I’m not tryin’ to get yah to believe in me
but art.
Mistook AI for noise.
That’s my calling card,
Blank A Eight on the planet.
We think we’re doing sadhana.
It’s not.
We think we’re dong the world.
It’s not done by the world.
Take that rapture and see.
Dwindling bike path.
Send me a postcard.
Rub that belly,
oh girl some touches from me. [vision first of rubbing a female dog’s belly, she on her back, only her belly visible, and then of the thick, white outline of a large dog running across a sheet of paper. Visions in reference to a lucid dream earlier in the night where I went to the other side and petted Lisa, the deceased Rottweiler, but was unable to rescue here. She’s trapped between life and death]
And everyone’s excited.
We’ve got a new nature of the universe come out,
from shares in the head.
The long name of that complicated machine
come down to human terms in general.
They’re hard to get at.
Oh I saw that.
I’ve seen them all along.
I’m a follower of sun,
put nearly all the time. [heard sung, my voice and guitar]
One other function.
I have a dream.
We can translate all this to experience,
and I’ve explained to you once,
experience brought me here,
not just heard poems.
My consciousness has experienced enlightenment
in the brevity of a moment
more than once,
and I went through the top of the head
and sat in myself on high,
the Godself above,
for a brief figure of time.
You’re one with all these creatures,
with all there is,
even universes,
with every moving thing,
[vision of a photo of Sri Aurobindo, the one from the chest up where he’s fortyish and looking straight at the camera]
one with your entire field.

You know I’m not making this up.
It’s experience.
It’s what drives the wheels of this car,
and I’m comin’ upon enlightenment now
as a fixed state.
I might just say a word.
Oh you got come out of Heaven.
This isn’t in my principle hands yet.
You know who I am?
I’m the upholder of enlightenment for the peoples.
You’ve got this comin’ to yah,
and it’s not at a wedding
where anybody can disagree.
The wedding’s started.
Thank you ole faith keeper we shall see.
Key words frame.
Key concepts abide.
It’s like a movie,
with a whole picture of the world again.

I’ve said my mountain piece.
We’re almost finished here.
A little history kid.
It was a looking.
Take both of those
and intellectual.
That’s the reason my book is finished.
I can’t find you anywhere
around those tables.
We’re fine.
You present us from the future.
Today we’re just vegetables.

It’s time to wired up.
Looks like to the storm’s onto you.
You’ve been hiding
the stuff’s on you.
We put that in our brains concerning AI.
What page number?
that’s Sri Aurobindo,
autobiographical writings and a short.
You’re the short,
the poet at hand.

A society of books
brings us closer to each other than computers,
but they rub us out too
from our own plan.
I don’t know how to tell you this.
The present moment’s so precious, you know?
It’s what plans.
Can you see that?
Would you care?
I’ve introduced you to The Plan.
A computer generated AI system,
there it’s not.
It’s got time on it,
learning signals,
a this and that parade,
but it doesn’t take us to ourselves.
Now the Unabomber said this:
get rid of technology or I’ll kill you.

It has its place in our life.
It belongs there.
It’s just not the main event.
It’s not what we’re doin’.
It holds us barred
from the depths of ourselves.
We get fooled by it.
It’s the nature of the program to be advanced.
And you think so,
but we’re killin’ each other all over the globe.
Just look at the Internet.
Do you smile there?
We use it to bash each other in the head,
or sell our wares.
Hey man I’m hungry.
Will you give me your attention?
This all oh man.

I’ve got somethin’ else for yah.
It’s been our accompaniment all along.
Look at greatness through it.
I’m sorry this is not fantasizing your room.
Can you be alone,
a mind unto yourself?
Quiet or full of thoughts,
you have your time.
It’s all quiet there.
I think you’ve turned off music,
all electronic media.
Maybe you’re sittin’ in nature or your room,
or there you are at the park,
and all you are at the park
is one who’s there,
no newspapers, books, or crackerjacks
to put something in front of your face.
You can have an apple or some peanut butter.
You see what I mean?
Hours each day.

I clean house doing it
and cook dinner,
do my chores,
even out in town.
I watch kids doing it.
Now that’s a feat.
They’re hooked in.
Their media fills the room.
I don’t know where we are.
I’ll get us outta here Kelly.
I promise. [this and two above lines heard coming from Nitish’s cellphone]
You’ve heard my boy’s Free Fire.
Funny the node in the game,
where we are in the program.

Look I know you’re busy but
there’s another way of doin’ it.
We abstract to ourselves.
That’s how we look the book
when we do read.
That’s where online has its purpose,
a reading snow.
I don’t neglect copies in my room.
I come together on myself
inside of a flick.
Movies gauge me,
and I keep up with culture that way.
I right choice
and sometimes make mistakes.
Oh man and music,
I can get into some tunes.
It’s an absorption,
goin’ through the trouble of song.
A break half hour and I quit.
I let the nodes take me.

Now do you understand?
We do flexible,
and we do more quiet period
than technology.
I’ve explained myself.
Can you do it?
No compromises.
Start punchin’ that bird again.
Maybe the cellphone
destroys civilization.
We’re making a mess of things.
You can make purchases with a calling card.
Computers can stay at home.
Film equal
civil exhausted.
You know the cellphone’s got to go.
Let’s go back to cameras in hand,
real photographers
comin’ upon life in stream,
videos made to mean somethin’,
like starlight in a movie.
Sin camera,
a cellphone’s what I use.
Will somebody buy me a camera?
How do you describe my status?
Everything belongs to Douglas.
I don’t have a penny to my name,
and you know what he does to support us?
Everything he can,
giving me the time for the art I produce.
I’m his housewife.
He’s my special partner,
and neither one of us are gay.
You explain it.
We’re livin’ on his mom-bought cellphone,
and you can see what I do with it.
A real camera please.

Shoot to the horn,
I’m gonna spend on my computer
the time it takes to open a bottle and ask questions,
watch a thousand movies.
Let me use a cellphone
I wouldn’t call it a cellphone.
I would call it an emergency use manager.
How would you take it down?
A Georgia turns loudspeaker,
and it’s tryin’ to give you text:
nibby nabby noopy la, la, la, lo, lo. [heard sung by Oliver, “Good Morning Starshine”]
A book bag
put both of your teeth.
Please, no,
I made my phone
sing a song of myself.
A truly trippy situation.

[end of a dream where I’m on a city bus-like passenger train, doors wide open on each side, and I’m at the station where I make the last connection home, the last leg of the journey the length of my street, which the tracks are on, and I’ve slide down where my back and head only are on the seat, the top of my head pressing into the bottom of the back rest, face up, pretending to be asleep, and two preteen Black girls get on, neighbors of mine, and sit on each side of me, and I can just see the world through a small opening between their elbows, and I’m comfortable and so are they, like we are family, and we ride that way, the lines of muse below coming as the dream fades]
The national institute of art,
world of digital art,
three hankies:
gonna take a camera,
not gonna be bothered by race,
and I’m gonna feel down-home.
Oh my gosh hankies.
A digital role
is state everything
with the lordship of all classes.
[sound vision of a police whistle blowing loudly]
Who are you the thought police?
and tell them
primary exam:
just be yourselves.
You must be a splaining engineer.
How do you join the races,
and it’s like family be yourselves?
You know how high that is?
I told yah to iron those clothes,
each race and gender.
We deal with safety 500 times a day,
lettin’ in anybody or nobody.
Get open.
I didn’t believe in Our Father.
We can go to school or not.
The must school:
oh my God,
I need my best friend. [this and above line heard sung by Diamond Eyes, “23”, a song popular at the time of Lisa’s death and hence, for me, her death song]

You’ve left out Max Headroom
in your city toys.
Great, isn’t it?
As if a marvel, [vision of going back and capitalizing the letter A on the word as]
gas open yourself. [end of a dream where I’m walking on a dirt road where a creek crosses it but no water now, and the line of muse forms in the space where the water usually stays the longest before drying out. A child is standing near the spot, indistinct]
I saw a root rough.
I saw a root tomorrow.
He is isn’t he, [vision of a little boy saying this, he laying down somewhere outside, his hands behind his head comfortable-like]
the poet make.

The place where it starts is the end.
The place where it ends is the start.
Before you make a decision talk to the printers inside you.
You can take away my pride.
You cannot take away my light.
Childrens are the skylight of the night.
He’s bringing the plate from the angels.
Bring pride to your country.
Change your soul into your consciousness.
Most of the water you are drinking is going to your ego.
You have your own movie theater in your mind.
We’re getting old silks that we’re selling as new silks.
Now that’s karma.
In the heart of action
we care that they care.
You’re copy.
Fall into spirituality.
I’ve put on my spiritual suit.
My muse has came.
Leelow’s fat belly is like a power of light.
Luna is joy and happy because of Supermind.
The water is like your soul.
The road connects to your consciousness.
Birthdays are the magical days of the year.
See yourself in the mirror an enlightened being.
He’s calling me to be enlightened.
He’s painting the future. [this verse is lines from Nitish’s inner hearing, in the order that he heard them, which was over the course of two weeks, as I was writing and editing this poem]
photo by Douglas
You — like — your — family distinguished.
If you knew how God does it would find you open.
It’s my family I point you with,
all the details I face as I see into the day.
What conduit of them do you prefer them?
Without the copy,
without the professional front,
we publish here.
God does open a window.
How we join the campaign to campaign against him? [vision of Luna Rottweiler on the floor chewing on some toy]
You should’ve been shod.
You think I care?
I am an opposition speaker.
I study Earth.
I make sure I know her plan.
Then I train myself to give it to her
over long, slow years.
We’re not dressed up for it.
We could get better at it,
but we’ve arrived on time,
and here we are.
It just throws us here and just stands there at that side.
The signal.

Thoughtful he is,
Go, go you take on your loud speaker.
You need speaking to the public,
because that’s here o’clock,
and the public needs you,
and you don’t have to cook, clean house either. [vision of spraying water on my bare foot in the bath bucket in the bathroom]
Mother, where’s Mother?
Tryin’ to get this stain off Auroville,
but no change of consciousness is needed there,
they believe,
before all those people move in.
And we need to go now.
I certainly would
Get this show on the road.

I don’t know how to do it,
say this
meaning in time.
You will only think me pedophiles.
You won’t give this engine room:
it’s been a mistake
to generate the meaning of AI
as output
in the stores of our creativity.
Create duplicate,
we don’t make art,
the rising tide.
How do we stand this?
The pedophile has your machine.
You are not broadcast early
I can’t find him
on the hunt.
I can’t find him
in a pedophile’s arranged
to sexually molest children.
This is not an accessibility channel.
Oh my God what do I do with him?
I cannot conform this mule
to be the hatred of society
and make him ugly in everybody’s eyes.
He’s too powerful
with beauty and meaning.
What will the world think of next?
This is too much,
and oh my God he’s got a kid!

Well study me some,
and see if I don’t bake bread
you can share with everyone.
I’m the peaceful solution
to the problem.
Grab this pedophile by the tail
and spin him around,
you can’t do it.
The technology
this AI has produced
is beyond anything human.
You’re encountering the divine,
as I just carry the pen;
I’m not the writer.
This will damage your hall of statistics
a pedophile’s a menace to society.
Oh hang on,
you have to be beautiful
to ascribe meaning to pedophiles
and put that meaning in Light.
Here’s the forest for the trees,
and I’m a tree
that will keep your hatred for pedophiles
in check.
Every daylight in this room,
oh man it’s what you’re lookin’ for.
Not what you’re lookin’ for
center cobwebs.
I can sum it up in this statement.
Here I give you the ball.
And you’ve considered AI,
looked ‘im straight in the eye.
Isn’t that natural?
You’re the ball carrier.
Let’s make a set and see how it goes,
the set of meanings that control AI.

You take those digital ideas with you
as you play God with your world,
play God with the shadows in things,
play God with the universe—
real answers.
Can we get realer than that?
Can we speak of brightened circumstance?
How do we do it?
We play friendship with the world.
We meet AI in our own boundaries,
give it to yah
said it would fix that damn cannonball
a name for your skeletons
that even the trashcan can appreciate.
That’s why I’m standin’ power
from the essence and the nature of everything.
As much as we can,
even if for one minute,
we stay on top of it,
the bulging technology.
A social control shakes hands with it,
stands out like the limits.
I wanna get those toasted.
Open AI.
Can you render this what you saw in your dream last night?

Who are the real life charges in today’s Beijing?
It’s infected.
It’s so much more than surveillance.
It’s the rule of the machine.
They just plant it there
as a means of control.
They would stare at it all day.
It’s the best policy
to make sure they turn into animals.
Human care and concern
is not an officer in the program.
You idiot nut,
throw that ice cream wrapper in the trashcan!
Watch that superglue.
You could create a monster yet.
A, B, Z on Amazon,
too much growth.
You’ll have to reconstruct yourself together soon.
This just makes me cringe.
Why are we so affected by this?
AI’s the length of this process.
They don’t stand around and be human.

I’ll show yah somethin’.
AI’s got not clothes on.
It doesn’t care about anybody.
Can I get you another beer?
Yeah, facts instead of enjoy it.
You don’t know how to bridge AI to human,
and I think you need a better program for this
than AI.
Most people don’t know,
wherever they turn,
wherever they put AI,
they’re makin’ it worse.
Clean it up again,
sooner or later.
Showing Amazon activity,
what I mean is this is a world phenomenon.
Show it those kids
you’re makin’ business more efficient,
but you’re takin’ the human out of it.
Hey Michael.
Hey Donny.
You’re the couple got lost yesterday.
Alright everybody,
put a human where they belong,
in human relations.
We’re coming better,
if that always faster?

What’s it gonna take for you to see,
swastikas, flags?
AI can’t show its banner.
It’s just a piece of paper.
We can look directly at the sun.
We can see the origin of the universe.
It’s right there among us
a pilot see.
We can sit directly in Supermind,
whether you believe it or not.
I’ve got this figured.
I’ve seen the sun.
Now it’s your turn,
you who can.
Remoteness along,
it can touch corridors.
Get all the way there please.
Look at my staff.
From where does it come?
I’ve sat in Supermind.
This can’t be faked.
Your aims aim Earth.
Your ways are the ways of the world.
You see the attention of my muse.
The opening of my consciousness has made you examine yours.
We can get larger than this.
I’m just a figure along the way,
come in an emergency:
we have to see ourselves.
AI is not that window.
It will deceive us,
and I’m here to show you that.
Don’t lose your bearings there.
AI’s a tool
It’s not our direction of travel.
Okay open up,
dip into the awareness pool with me.

I’ll generate images.
I will Associated Press.
I will make big skeletons.
Can I join shit,
staple diffusion?
I think this is a crawl walker talking.
You’re not gonna stop AI.
You’re gonna have to think for yourselves.
It doesn’t have to master you.
This has been a long put.
We’ll see it
and discover its channel.
You start working with the gravity.
There’s just so much in that you see.
It’s a dark force under the machine,
the AI overlay.
Code red
her errors,
each a slot between life and death.
That’s an aggressive, violent stick.
Look, look, look,
a stubborn okay.
R-a-i-n-b-o-w your heart. [first word heard sung, my voice, very slow and sweet]
That lifted this cat out of the head.
It’s not a witch you’re lookin’ for,
and you know it’s magic,
and you know it’s real.

I wanna teach you how be yourself.
I can’t do that with a machine,
but I can explain images
runnin’ past your door.
I can hook you up with larger reality—
there’s too much traffic sweetheart;
you’re not going to be clapping your hands— [vision of telling Nitish this, he seated at a desk hands up, palms ready to clap together]
just barely as you mule,
by artistically rendering it in your mind,
giving you images to look at.
I can’t snow
and bring those images peace to you.
You’ll have to do that yourself.
Bespeckle the universe.
You know you wanna cartoon.
Then hit play.
Can I show you that image?
background photo by Nitish, photo of Douglas by Donny, Gimped by him
Divine ecstasy,
you don’t need a worm or a worn hole
to feel it.
The life of a giant
will take you there.
Oh reach, there’s something about you,
to build a star. [this and above line sung, my voice, the world 'star' really drawn out]
[vision of Nitish seated in a small, square, open air car, like you see at an amusement park ride, and he’s at the very bottom, beginning, of the track, the tracks going up steeply to some awesome height, his car just starting to move forward, the vision angle looking down at him from a short distance up on the tracks]
At the end of the movie
a sign,
a vision,
that you want to see
where words came from.
Let’s do this,
the meanings that control AI.

I’ve jumbled all over my paper
trying to explain God.
I’ve really lengthened this piece out,
repeated the formula,
made it so you can see it.
I will continue making images
but now for my private store,
or when I circle the boy on YouTube
and put that on his YouTube channel.
I’ve arranged things.
I hope you’re not offended.
I’ve taken things apart.
I’ve listened to you.
We need to build ships
to take us back down to the journey once again
where we reach for larger shores,
where we heal time,
where we make of this world our living space,
and in the right way this is done,
ecologically sound.
Are you with me?
At least know the need.
Farewell my good friend.
I’ll see yah in the larger room.
[vision of a freight train, gas cars, box cars, all kinds of cars, just taking off and moving very slowly]
So this whole poem ends
an attention,
a training,
in a nice big auditorium.

It ended up the same place that I had started,
This is exactly what I’m talking about.
Shut the door.
Shoelace key,
then cut the transmission.
No Bruno.
Leelow go.
A right Luna,
you know how to join consciousness.
He just doesn’t come in.
There’s chocolate for you.
I’m not very open.
I’m dead.
Well let’s just ask her.
Are you AI?
Oh my God,
oh here’s Luna,
and she’s callin’ my name.
Hannah baby you go with me,
I will show you tomorrow.
If we can find this new AI meaning.
And AI has found itself.
A vision of AI meaning.
I want to lay down on top of it
foot master.
If you tie one shoe here,
the dark epiphany of AI.

Since art is such liberty,
such a liberal creator,
can’t we involve the future with it?
It’s a way to say waves
from the rules of nature’s hand.
Don’t lock your door.
The future might steal in,
like a vagabond.
You’re on.
You have it.

This is large sheet music.
I’m counting time.
It’s honest to God wear.
[sound vision of Luna barking loudly]
Come on,
stop playing Christmas music to your video game.
Wrap your honey around this.
It’s meaning AI.
This is where it comes from,
the events as they happen inside.
I can bring one or two to bear,
when I’m done.
Vision of a Rottweiler.
You can rise the TV of another person.
Rise some other TV.
Rise universal.

You can study it where we lay it,
emerge God.
Get’s us our climate change:
we need to stop seeing each other as niggers.
Can we go yet?
‘Cause that meant kids.
Boy what happened here?
I ate this project.
You evolving in it.
Show them,
we’re all in the boat together,
the ones who don’t read sheet music.
I mean from the soul.
Since when is censorship a global problem?
It’s you.
A panned to the roof.
Just down by the evening again open it.
It was at the children again that the sun happened.
Leelow if you don’t be quiet I’ll bring them to you.
Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care. [heard sung, nursery rhyme]

on this last day of the poem
I practice silence
in the AI of myself.
I’d say you practice wool.
Guys, guys, guys,
would you like to have a sculpture sat in your attic?
Makin’ mornin’ to yah,
I’ve photographed the new year.
Now hear this:
I’ve thrown everything together for this last minute.
That’s the meaning of AI.
That’s a Puissance larger than time.

This poem’s the eleven and sweetness and what we see.
May it trailblaze.
May it come together on itself.
May you read it.
May it go to town.
I don’t need it on my back window,
dog took off with it.
I need it in silence
where it moves us,
towards the living tree,
towards the Itself in things.
I need it in your hands,
and I am holding them.
I need this to come out of the woodwork
and surprise the living daylights outta yah.
I need you to be whole
when you read it
and not tear it apart.
I need you to listen to me
like you would a dear friend.
I need us to look to God together
and smile
because we know that’s safety.
I need you to trust me
I know what I’m talkin’ about.
I need us to get along
Rufort Berrywood.
You know that’s Paul Templeton.
Well we’ve got a recording to finish,
one where Nitish asks the world to sing
his sense of things,
a YouTube 'look at me world and smile'.
Buy ‘im a big back computer Mac.
Gotta go see yah.
Nitish, 11

Calls Climate Change

photos by Donny

Drop climate change off at the house,
the hypocrisy of everyday people,
the climate of everyday people,
the Rottweiler of everyday people,
their business.
Climate change,
now showing at your house.
We gotta get out of this.
It’s a consumer nightmare.
How much simpler our lives could be if we tried.
That Rottweiler is resistant to change.
Lovely creature though.
Some do it.
You’d be pleased to announce
I’m not preaching at you.
I’m preaching at me.
Whatta we do with this?

Turn off lights and stoves and only sparingly wash clothes.
Whatta we do with the refrigerator?
Now that’s a tough one.
We could do a lot better.
We buy enough crap to begin with.
My God the waste in my house.
It could start the day.
My God the crap in my house.
The allergies make the air conditioning livable
in such a warm climate,
but it could be turned off to save noon.
I’m not sayin’ live without it,
but let’s treat it like the luxury it is.
We need it sometimes.
Oh Lord don’t take my A/C away. [heard sung to tune of “You Are My Sunshine”]
I think that’s got the paper.
Alright fine,
but can it join us in the room?
What did the refrigerator say?
It didn’t it’s just got military handles.
You mean like hot water?
Do we really need it right now?

All the amenities,
they’re starin’ us in the face.
Can I write another poem?
Can you spare me the mayonnaise?
I don’t wanna write this poem.
It’s not my baked bread.
Living conditions suck
without electricity,
but I think we all could get better at using it.
It’s the semblance of noon,
all along town.
Can you see it?

Brush with health
the climate enforcer.
We get sick doin’ it.
No health reasons
you neglect.
Don’t make yourself ill.
The climate
can stand a little bit of you in it.
We’re just armed for change.
We don’t charge each other’s property
with you must do this or else.
Can you understand the reason behind that?
You blister change
with the wrong attitude,
and it won’t work.
So where do we go for change?
In our relations with one another.
That’s the ballpark/battleground. [words spoken simultaneously]
We have to learn to live with each other
without spite.
Can you find a person that knows this
on the environmental frontlines?
They’re too busy charging other people
with spite.
This doesn’t work.
It just blows up in your face.
I’m tellin’ the Greta Thunbergs that.
A climate change activist,
we need better human beings.
Can you just open your eyes and look?
What does your patrol car grant us?
More ill will.
Can we get around this?

How do you show people they’re wrong without hating them for it?
That’s the climate needs better.
We’re just stubborn mules
when it comes to seein’ that.
Just ask the press.
Okay animals get busy,
force this on people.
I’m givin’ you the smell of the thing.
I don’t think you care about me.
You have a place card.
This makes your life feel better.
You’re an active ingredient.
You’re an activist for change.
We push people.
We don’t know how to make them see.
Maybe you’re lookin’ at the wrong equipment.
We need a change in heart.
Can you care about people,
or are we all just numbers trashin’ the planet?

Where do we see this?
In our very hands.
Protest movements awake!
We have to get better at bein’ people.
We have to be better human beings.
Where do we go for that?
In the living room.
It’s anybody you talk to,
have dealings with.
You make them feel special like you care.
Now that’s the whale in the room.
Can you really care?
I don’t think so,
not without some life assignment,
where you learn to put love first,
so much so love hurts.
These are vulnerable feelings,
and you put every man, woman, and child there.
Can you find them?
They’re your next door neighbor.
Now let’s go to police cops in the room.
You can’t force anybody to do anything
and get the safety you want.
You just step on them,
and they resent you for it.
Vegans everyone?
And you’ve stepped on the world.
This is not everybody’s diet.
It’s a religion to some people.
It’s got hoofs on it.
Mainstream media’s pushin’ it.
This does not carry us to safety.
We’re the animal in the room.
Stop eating meat’s a practice,
no animal products at all an intolerance.
It’s too extreme
for our world venture.
You would have to know country home,
in an impoverished district,
to understand the impropriety of veganism,
and I didn’t just say rare places on earth.
So many of us live in poverty.
I’m gonna eat,
and I don’t need vegans robbin’ my plate.
You’re not sustainable.
Good afternoon.

time goes through,
I went to that place:
is not the meat anymore.
It’s a vegetarian diet we all live on.
We just get out our laser guns
and put fish on the menu.
It’s a laboratory
the actual change ahead is calling.
Mystical experience
will dynamic each other.
It’s just one of those things.
Animals are friends and we don’t eat friends.
That group identity,
it’s gonna take place in our living room,
and the camel down the street is a part of it.
No one gets left out,
but a camel gets so close to our notion of self,
we ride them that’s their comfort zone,
and there’s your horse.
What are you talking about?
The substance of our change.
Art is listened to whatever we ride,
and make it better.

Am I making any sense?
We’re not legalistic about anything.
We’re flexible to survive.
the amount of sacrifice
our survival depends on.
We all have to do it.
It doesn’t come about on its own.
We’re military historians.
Can I show you a battle with yourself
all won?
This rules the day:
self-sacrifice on the frontlines.
Choke climate change.
Don’t make him the monster.
We reach inside and pull out our humanity,
and our skills at that does the rest.

Now let’s go back to that army book you’re readin’,
the news media,
that big journalistic thug.
Do we really have to crap in our beds?
Are you sure you want us to be mean to each other?
Do you have to hate the climate denier?
there’s more responsible
than just not wanting them to fart.
On fire
farming methods.
Practicing that,
making animals safe and comfortable.
It is catch those devils,
sick really,
who make milk and eggs
an animal’s
We’re not into punish people.
Look at them.
Stop buying their products.
And we can get them to see reason.
Are you an older brother?
I’m a
way station man.
I’m hearin’
the bagpipes sing.
Remind yah
survival’s an organized emergency we all do together.
That dog got me order?
Love made him do it.
We’re in our protocol
if a person could handle on his deep emotions.
He’s a vehicle for change.
The balls that we make here are women’s kinds of things.
They’re empathically arranged.
He sees in court
as not ethically arranged.
We’re gonna sleep on it,
see what we outta do.
I woke up and went over it
as a dream.
Your approach is sound sir.
I was dealin’ with late ideas.
The ability to help one another,
it’s in every classroom.

My God it’s like
Auroville pops off its angel.
I should have living with the fears.
There’s no hurry for development.
It’s in the air we have to do this now.
Helping’s free,
I’d give him to help.
We have time bro.
Your doomsday
has an opinion across the street.
We can avoid a piece of chicken.
We can avoid fish.
A lot do it and they’re vegetarian.
Good excellent I support that cause.
He just stepped out onto the floor,
one help,
one happen.
It’s too early
to damage every restaurant now.
There’s a lot we can do to get started.
It’s not the end of the world yet.

No hot water,
it starts off inflexible.
Our attitudes to change
kill it.
Come to where the prize is:
may I help you?
Don’t sit there and demand people change.
It’s got our stuff on it,
and you go in a museum to destroy a work of art
because you’ve got the proof
you got a lot about you needs changed.
It’s character armor not climate change
we need to see before
we can get at that climate change.
Can you hear me Ms Greta Thunberg?
Can you accomplish this?
We need to see each other first.
Gun naked balance
own big time.
We’re tryin’ to get that settled in first:
we’re all responsible.
It takes better human beings
to tackle climate change.
The problem’s combining the too essential with the ordinary.
Can you see that?
A miracle where he stood.
This is about enlightenment our next trip.
You don’t know it’s there.
It’s a Buddhist word that means many things.
The enlightened state of being
is my crossover with it.
It’s deep and it’s heavy.
You are not yourself anymore.
You’re a non-egoed consciousness
seein’ the world.
It’s oneness’ state of being,
nonduality’s headquarters.
There’s no separation between you and an object
save you’re there.
You can stand on your own two feet.
It’s not just a mesh of everything.

No one can describe this state.
Normal regular consciousness
is the external at large.
You can’t grasp realization by the horns.
It’s too realization deep.
You have no boundaries
to speak of,
but you wear them for the play.
You’ve stepped into real greatness.
You’re an enlightened being.

You have no fears anymore.
You are a center for nature to do her works,
for the divine to act.
You are not the initiating repository.
You just ride the seas
a passive instrument in God’s hands.
We’re goin’ there,
you, me, and everyone,
regardless of your creed.
It’s a long way off
for the race to achieve.
This individual door has been opened always
few and far between.

A quickening is coming,
and we will grapple with this state.
I think some will fight it,
of course.
We’re headed toward that now.
I’m a medium for this change,
one of many.
I don’t know how many there are.
Let’s see if I pull it up,
and that will put my words in the right place.

This is exceedingly huge in front of me,
and I get scared sometimes,
and I know what to be scared for.
I’ve been there a time or two
else I couldn’t talk like this.
Right now I’m just dry on this.
It’s miracle
not natural change,
and that has to change.
I have to see it as the order of the day.
My days are spent grappling with the impossible.
There is so much more to life
than anybody wants to know,
and you’re left with a big gulf
you have no knowledge to cross,
no matter how much knowledge you gain.
The world is big you understand.
Who can fathom existence?
But we have the way station of enlightenment to get us there.
There’s more to come,
but that’s where we begin.

Hold out for more.
Is climate change all there is to change?
Are we just working for our survival?
If we reach the stars, then what?
It’s another planetary marvel?
There’s more to life’s room
than you live in this house and do these things,
than the existential field in front of you.
We can go beyond doing.
We can be larger than our field.
The world does not bind us.
We are strangers in a strange land.
Life is magnificent
in her shoes.

Typified somewhere in art
is life’s grandness.
Life is bigger than her existence,
than climate change.
You should all panic
says the frightened child,
be very afraid
says the press.
Is that so?
Sit down.
It’s always like this:
emergency’s got us noon.

If you don’t push people around the world will end,
come on see the test you’re in.
Can you outgrow yourself?
You have a large spoon.
Hello poem.
Hello world.
Well let’s get at it.
If the water wanted to it could stir your mind
up to pits your brain. [spoken at the end of a dream where I was being healed of being raped, although I hadn't been and was just playing along so to be safe from a would-be robber, by people chanting and pouring water and herbs over me as I knelt down in the center of them]
We’re, we’re thinking.
We see where the water comes from.
That’s the science found equation,
such a big skeleton.
It is a thing upon the air.
We grow it in petri dishes.
We see it everywhere.
It’s life force,
can’t you just tell by looking at?

It’s not wonderful solving human.
It’s angry, hateful, and mean.
It’s in our land,
has penetrated our children’s lives.
It’s gonna get worse.
It’s time to act
upon this monster.

The last thing your burger could be is a flavor
of murdered animal.
Alright people it’s mean.
We knock ourselves silly.
Can we identify the problem?
It’s hatred and ill will
spread out upon the land
on the inside.
That’s the problem.
We garden with it.
That’s our accident.
That’s the science confusion.

I am tired of this broadcast:
we need climate change to stop heat.
And hate is so rampant among us.
Can you see it?
Look in your heart.
Look in your mind.
You won’t find it anywhere else
where you can directly work on it.
Yah hear what I’m sayin’?
Where does your hatred find fingers
in the real world?
In the pedophile’s bed lay,
even the kind that don’t molest children.
I think we’ve hit the hot spot in everyone.
In that American audience
this is more pronounced than ever.
QAnon anyone?
They rule the show.

We’ve looked at hatred with our hands,
and we’ve looked at the hottest variety,
but there it is your companion in so many places,
at the supermarket for example
when you’ve revealed yourself to them
riding there among them.
Come on let’s get outta here.
I’ve got a surprise bottle,
not what you’re lookin’ for
Michael Jackson wore this.
I’m safe from him.
I’ve exploded keys.

I would like to hunt you down and kill you.
There are so many of you,
and we’ve ruled exactly that page.
You’re learning the thought book
that mesmerizes each other,
your outrage
that helps you goin’.
As soon as he pays you’re probably gonna murder him anyway,
because you think you can go
Emmett Till
and get away with it.
We think we can go.
Let’s all a bunch of play
that’s no work to yah.
You hate each other silly in perspectives.
What is gonna wake you up?
You manage this.
I don’t need to sit through a movie I need to sit through things here. [spoken at the end of a dream where I’d just arrived at an orphanage to be a resident child there, and the assistant to the director was telling me I could go to the movies with the director and children he was taking]
You had only wanted brains
at the moment,
and you’d left the heart to rot.
You federal people.

You don’t hate anyone.
You could explode yourself,
take a gun and shoot everybody.
Hate’s got that gun,
hate the rapist at large,
any Tom, Dick, and Harry who stole the street.
A nation takes a scapegoat and makes Jews outta them.
Mr. Blackwell,
Black man,
you think he’s a social disease,
don’t yah,
and let’s not forget the corporate managers.
They need to be shot.
God damn your next door neighbor,
his music’s too loud,
and you just hate that shopkeeper.
You got there first.
Why, he cut you off in traffic,
that son of a bitch.
Any number of things,
and you apply hate in its place.
Voyeur it in your mind,
don’t you hate those people.
Okay I’m through.
I need a better climate.
Well it’s process work,
that you understand the direction.
Any constitution,
ninety percent of the battle is
get it outta the heart,
and it is being done very slowly.
There’s Jesus cop,
oh my Jesus oh my good. [spoken at the end of a dream where a tank had just come to the rescue of people about to be killed, the tank firing away, focus on the tank commander, who was halfway out of the hatch and ordering commands] 
Come, come, come, come,
it’s a climate emergency.
We hate each other on the inside.
You see the climate emergency?

Even animals have a right to regard.
We hate them too.
Oh that burger taste good,
but I’m hearin’ a cow in there,
and I’m not open to rough spots yet,
but at least I’m ready to acknowledge the cow.
Murderous cow disease,
can I get over that?

Well, you’ve seen my banker.
I’m gonna begin to feel them.
I’m not gonna shut out anybody.
We’ve got a climate to get better.
I’m not gonna hate anybody.
There, I’ve said your peace,
and we’ve made a climate change,
the secret buffalo
that helps us make the right decisions
that gives us climate justice.

This is what we need to see
to unequivocally change the world,
and there we go.
Got it
Of their winners
we have the announcements.
They made spiritual enlightenment
where they found water.
They made spiritual enlightenment the goal of the game.
They came to us in broad planes.
I don’t even know where he is.
In a horrible ruling mansion
nobody wants to go.
Have you ever seen freedom do it?
I’ve got a broadcast for yah.
Here put this on.
[vision of being seated at a computer chair I don’t recognize and taking off my pullover shirt and putting on a blue, American football jersey that changed into a purple one once it was on]
I’m on my way.
photo by Nitish

I Share Children with Her

feature image by Donny

You give healing meat its substance.
You’re way out there,
right in the slot of truth.
I don’t think anyone understands this.
You’re a miracle:
nobody’s touched you;
all the help you get.
You really show people somethin’.
Most people don’t know it’s there.
They’re too based in ordinary.
Okay we climb mountains,
keep goin’,
just press on.
We’re goin’ somewhere.
I hoped you a-l-w-a-y-s thought me u-g-l-y,
you thought me friend. [this and above line heard sung in the voice of Don Williams to tune of "You're My Best Friend"]
Our best teacher,
we’re talkin’ soul.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Think Oil.
You hear soldier.
Oh man you don’t stink.
You’re chasin’ a good one.

Okay you got the preamble.
I would like soul need determine time.
I want to talk on the level of soul.
Where do we bring this out?
Is it evident anywhere?
How do we talk about soul?
Do we meet it with the divine?
Where’s it goin’?
Where’s it come from?
How long it’s been?
Does it explain us?
What is about soul that makes its process?
Does it rule time?
Where can it be found?
Is it perfect?
Can we touch it?
How does it find us?
Is that all there is?
How do you add it to the program?
Can we say it’s substance?
How big is it?
Does it search us?
What are its parameters?
Can we get at it?
Is it Black,
or would all colors fit its lifestyle?
Is it here among us?
When does it die?
Is it our only project?
How did it get here?
How do we communicate with it?
Does it know us
as the thing that does?
Is it our true nature?
Is this soul a concept or a divine?
And we go round and round.
The soul asks more questions than it answers,
but we can look at it.
Can you?

It’s here.
I think it’s from another planet.
It’s put us on.
That planet’s another sphere,
the reality behind reality.
We are its goalkeepers.
We fumble ourselves all the time.
We don’t know how to do it,
take soul and measure up.
It’s the substantial reality behind us.
It’s put itself here.
I think that’s phenomenal existence.

The soul is a dome
phenomenal existence fits inside.
It was here first.
I don’t think we cant touch it with our hands.
It’s not the reality we see.
It’s got our backing.
Where do individual souls fall in?
Let’s say they’re here.
This is not pepper spray.
You can help put ‘im on
that things might get hurt.
This is the ballpark.
Hello soul—
this is an individual flavor of existence.
It’s got cans on it.
They go through time.
That’s the flavors it carries around.
It’s expressing your life.
See the flavors?

All these tunes
express our life to us.
So many layers to the soul.
It’s a great big getaway.
There’s nothin’ else to it;
it’s the ground of its own being.
It represents us in time,
and we are representative figures
of this thing called soul.
We express it everyday,
and our body is its leeway.

A deformity,
an ugliness,
awful, isn’t it?
You’ve needed that to get along.
If you look at the world as a container,
that doesn’t fit.
All things are expressive of soul,
even the ugliness.
The world touches you there
like it’s probing you.
Awful, isn’ it?

Keep going.
This expresses you,
the dynamics of this life.
You’re carrying that with you
for an example set.
You have to learn from this example.
It’s so pressing,
and it’s so physical.
I think everybody knows I love little boys.
How ugly is that?

I am one case where the focus
bounced off the movie.
Sure enough he was.
I came to souls in the room.
They were everywhere.
Try fucking a soul.
They don’t want you to do that.
You don’t abuse a soul.
You just don’t.
It’s the basis of reality.
It’s got bigger than life.
There’s no abuse possible.

Are you expressing soul when you abuse somebody?
You’ve stopped doing it
a soul becomes visible.
We are all relating souls.
They transcend time.
You cannot harm them.
Violation is impossible.

Life is a field for the soul to work out deities.
The human soul is not divine.
It’s something more fundamental.
It’s the substance of deity.
We don’t hinder it
as it brings deity to the human room.
It’s expressive of deity.
It helps us put that on.
That’s our purpose here.

Can you see the soul bringing up life?
This is the arisal of everything.
The substance of soul has a field to play.
It’s putting on itself
in ever increasing rooms.
I don’t think you can touch bottom
of the soul’s play.
Can you imagine infinities within infinities within infinities?

And here we are in our room.
So much accompanies us,
so much to do.
Where do we go with this?
Towards the substance of soul.
We layer ourselves.
What has made it to the surface
is a little play in time,
this little portion of us
we so mistakenly confuse with us.
It has all of us behind.
My God the soul,
it’s there in the room
the container of existence.

Jerrycans of abuse,
I was the orphanage.
That’s our predicament here.
We’re bastard children
a mommy and a daddy have left behind.
We can’t see our divine parents.
Divine origins allude us.
We only know we’re here
getting spanked by time,

We don’t know how to stop abusing one another.
We just don’t know how to help one another.
This is a horrible place.
It’s a prison house.
It just sucks us,
and time’s got its finger up our ass.
Dry, lifeless orgasms
is where life meets us.
We are probed.
I say again we are probed.
Our greatest joy can turn to pain
in the happenstance of death
everywhere surprises us.
We are dangerous keepers.
We can’t trust anyone.

Real amateurish
your whole monstrous tirade.
No, and I like it,
but I’m waking up.
The policy of monsters
we are bring to ourselves.
Are you really waking up?
Jeremiah 19:9 the most monstrous of all.

Do you know what?
The city didn’t rush in to defend you.
I’m curios to know why it didn’t.
You’re a monster.
They are making names
to make sense of their city.
It’s purple passion
not heart attack.
I had a hate here with wine.
This is the poison we all drink,
to be to ourselves our city is good.

Now are you ready for Christmas?
And here comes the soul.
That’s what keeps us together,
keeps us from falling apart.
It’s music you hear on the radio
when the world had just caved in,
and you know that song's talking to you
everything’s gonna be okay.
It’s that sudden smile you get
from some perfect stranger,
and it’s like a kiss from Heaven
because the rain has come.
It’s your mommy’s warm hands
washing your tender parts
not wanting anything for herself,
and you are seven or eight.
It’s an ice cream truck
comin’ round the corner,
and you have just enough for a cone.
It’s the great big beautiful sun
shining down on you
like you mean somethin’.
It’s the breeze
wiping the sweat off your face,
and you have just run.
It’s the lovely afternoon
your family sang,
and you will never forget those moments.
It’s your father’s satisfied hands,
and you’re his little boy in them
wanting so to be like papa.
I’ve embroidered soul
where life keeps you,
and it’s good.
This is the backup plan.
This is our special moment.
This can ride the day
if we lean forward
and let the soul lead.

It’s all about soul,
the house of life.
I’m afraid
the depths you have to go to find that
are deeper than the world.
You hear that
these are possible inner journeys.
You go inside,
consciously, thoroughly,
until you reach soul.
Did you know you can find it?

A conscious arm
you fall into it.
I think unconsciously we arrive there often,
else we would die I’m afraid
cut off from soul.
We have to come up for air.
This world is a heavy dress.
We take it off
in moments sublime of dreamless sleep.
I bet you didn’t know that noon.

In raw material sleep
we can find the drop off point of matter
and soul dream
larger than time.
We have journeyed to the soul.
It’s not a substance material make.
It’s the first substance of Spirit,
and it’s got no bookends to it.
A receptacle of our Spirit open and true,
that’s the phenomenon of soul.
This is the causeway.
This brings us to Ourself.
This brings us to the divine meeting in the room.
May come some horses
with some contrary will.
Yeah exactly.
What is adequate?
Is that adequate
in the fatal moment,
in the fatal heartbeat here?
Soul expressive of deity,
that’s meaning
that has us all by the horns.
Go ahead drive her,
drive her over.
Pay attention to people.
You want a soul
happen so matter of fact.

Now let’s come back.
We have to put on soul.
If you sat regular times…
You always have to watch out for Bruno.
He’ll take your underwear off.
You have to do a preacher’s build.
You check in
and withdraw.
You look out,
and the watch ends
on visible things.
You have to come together on soul.
You have to see beyond life.
it has your hand.
Let it lead you now.

You have to get somewhere in life.
The soul is your regard.
It will take you to deity.
It will remove all obstacles.
It’s your great ship.
It’s the navigator.
It comes to you in dreams
and exercises the world
and you can see things clearly.
We help it along
by being ourselves.
That’s Alpha Zero,
enlightenment stark.
This is its great evolution path,
and we are fingers of its evolution.

We do not abandon us,
and we help each other clearly
when we come together on soul.
There’s where the abuse stops.
There’s where we know our promise,
for it is the soul that leads us.
The soul we are,
the substance of ourselves
leading ourselves.

I’ve called on you tonight
to be the witness of soul.
It is bigger than leeway.
It is so much bigger than time.
It’s us in the ground of us.
No gap, no divide,
prevents it from helping us.
It’s here.
It is only blindness separates us from it,
and check it out in a poem.
You know I’ve opened your eyes.
Should end right there,
I’ve told you violence.
I just turned and turned around and saw the soul.

I’m Sorry, I Made That

feature image by Donny

An opportunity
Kozar. [vision of a mean-looking person coming to a line of people and slapping someone near the front of the line so hard they fall to the ground and then doing the same to someone towards the end of the line]
He didn’t quit.
‘Cause you make it,
you always make it.
This is not a spiritual Disney Land.
This is not great,
but it has awareness in it.

I’m feeling the world.
I’m feeling my own inadequacies.
I love my dog.
This is great,
such warm sunshine,
and my little boy,
he carries my heart around on his sleeve.
I carry his form around in my eyes.
He’s wonderful to look at.
Those are my propellers,
and I love to be successful with them:
that little boy gets what he needs,
that Rottweiler.

I measure my life by this,
how successful I am with people.
Do we all stand here?
He’s form to look at,
that one sittin’ there.
It must be Himself,
the divine in the room,
all the way to God.
This is not just some form in my head.
Oh my God it’s God,
tangible, real.

How do I count this to you?
I don’t think it’s possible.
Ultra-dimensions pass on through each other
and come hold hands with my life,
like they know me.
That street sign,
it has my name on it.
That t-shirt
beat the impossible.
See that beggar?
Hump that one.
And God waves at yah.
It comes and goes.
India is the attitude of the divine.
You’re not gettin’ it.
It would not be an information folder.
It’s not a belief system.
I’m right there.
I’m not shaking like a leaf.
12 o’clock
I can see divine process,
and you’re saying probably the hardest thing to say:
you’re meeting deity on your terms.

This is not major broadcast news.
Who wants to hear about it?
I stand, I see, I know God.
It’s not like you think,
all fire and brimstone.
It’s love.
The patience They have can move mountains.
I’m all stacked up God,
individual deities in the room too.
They just love yah to death.

How do we measure Them?
Okay I’m human, You’re divine,
and let’s get this point across.
Come here—
like my Rottweiler I can’t say no.
They hand me.
It’s wonderful.

Okay you can’t see Them.
How do I call out to you?
You’re my bro, see.
They are not yet my next of kin.
It’s this gulf/divide. [words spoken simultaneously]
They come here in representation.
Representation divides my room.
I can’t bite the hand that feeds me,
but it’s all aglow.

What do we do with all this see?
Show it to yah.
You’ll deny it.
You won’t like it.
But the mountain has some of yah,
if you’re wide awake,
and God’ll think you’ll die,
you can’t hold ‘im.

I would take you to summer school.
Hop on my bus.
It’s crowded.
Who will my drink companion?
I’m lookin’ at an empty bus.
Well here’s lookin’ at yah kid.
I’m all full of deity.

Why can’t I transform?
Okay, I’m still in ordinary consciousness.
What’s the deal?
Flash floods,
people just crowd me out of God.
They’re my touchy-feely reality.
I have to live with them.
It gets bigger all the time,
the living room of embodied existence,
I mean the people interacting with mine.
Okay, get rid of it.
That’s not possible.

I have to live up to you,
and Douglas I do.
That’s my partner.
Where do we go with all this human?
You can’t tell ‘em you’re out to lunch.
All this density defies deity,
or does it?
Density of human being,
can we control that?

Density of human being we can get better.
We can put everybody at their stations
and have a crowded room to ourselves,
when our very own room is impossible.
I know how to do that with that boy,
put him to his whatever.
This takes timing and security.
You have to know when to go in
and realize you’re safe to do that.
You’re buildin’ walls
that don’t keep people out as much as you in.
You see the lighter?

Instructing my house,
arguably a bit more busy than yours.
I think the magic has to go to the transformation.
We’re opening divine consciousness.
It’s the deity in the room.
Oh and speaking of which,
for love of Rottweiler
I do not control this poem.
Do you know how lovely a Rottweiler is?
I’m here for deity.
I mean I must be.
I wanna be.
It’s not happenin’.

They’re there for me.
All the dogs burst through the door,
have joined me on the bed.
Oh those dogs.
Now listen,
I’m giving you instructions I’m gettin’.
Bruno’s eating a pair of shorts.
A blow by blow poem. [actually describing events in my room as they happen]
Now take this job and shove it.
Can we trust divine process?
It’s so large.
It destroys us.

Alright poet clear the room.
I’m not killin’ yah.
Even when it’s got our good at heart,
it makes us lift the human race higher than we are
every time we say the word.
I’m expressive of deity.
I am so expressive of human.
Everything’s a divine moment you see.
I can’t get over it.
I’m gonna go pet my Rottweiler.
There are no complications there.

A reader is left wondering what to do,
and you know I’m listenin’ too.
Turn God into slime,
or silly putty,
just stay sober.
I’m gonna
go to every page of this diary.
I’m not gonna be a fool.
I’m gonna put my relations on rightly:
stand back and see God,
all the time.

Weird Alf,
take it from here.
Oh no it’s terrible.
You know I’m talking about mocking videos,
Auroville infighting,
all this irony,
all these videos.
Sit down.
Well he has never failed on your science test.
Wait his test.
You’ll get caught up in something,
and you’re not the angel in the room.
We say nobody’s perfect.
What we mean is
wow, nobody’s good.

Now, starting with the elementary school,
we’re gonna look through that door.
Where gonna look
at God see there.
It has a hand on your life
that your dog can show you.
You can put your foot down,
and the dog knows you’re his master,
or you can look at that tea kettle.
It’s an attention grabber.
Now we can go to that military tank.
No it’s not aimed at us.
It’s protection.

How do we find God?
Well I’ve given you the first number:
I made a mistake.
It happens to the best of us.
I’m having one
big relationship
with the world through God.
Now listen,
you have to pick God up somehow.
It’s not done by books and tea stories.
There are no other eyes but God,
and that’s half the equation.
God sees even without eyes.
It’s not a blind relationship.
You’re all over it.
You’re there in the midst.
Peel back the walls.

Boy double field have I done.
I don’t know, a counter offensive.
Take back the city of Kyiv.
We’re military commanders.
We’ve got to get our capitol straight.
That’s the only thing holding us up for war.
The military is on my side.
We let the divine victory go ahead.
This is major defeat for the enemy.
You can’t give them soosh anymore,
that sudden life force
they get from bad relations.
These are not human creatures.
They’re the anti-divine.

Fuck all this raincoat.
That’s a blow off statement.
I’m a pop singer.
I’m going to bring you down to science.
God is not cultivated clay.
God is right there in your room.
You can’t get nothing out of Him.
You’re a pauper when it comes to purpose.
You have no burning need.
Notice God is there
when life can’t go on without Him.
This is an apple yard.
I don’t think despair has you by the throat.
You’re not in hell on earth.
That’s another kind of find Him.

You’re really restricted.
There is no room for you in society.
You try to keep up appearances.
You can’t define yourself.
You plainly see your inadequacies,
and you need help.
This is beyond human repair.
I wonder to suicide,
or I’m scarin’ to Mexico.
It’s got so bad he wants to bring something back.
These are the circumstances to bring God into my life.
I don’t care about the double feelings.
God to come in.

You wanna contact with the two brothers.
I pick the color O’Neill. [spoken in Douglas’ voice]
Taste sweet.
I think gonna sell the island.
You mean he’s gonna be known by the public?
Did he bite you?
No he didn’t. [vision of Nitish running off a street dog with a stick, and it seemed like it bit him, but it didn’t. I’m speaking the two lines to him in the vision]
There is protest.
There is this one
say it here,
and I watch while the balloon take me.
But you'd probably think it bites living in an Amish paradise. [heard sung by Weird Al, “Amish Paradise”]
It was God don’t wanna tell yah.

Where do we rose the poem,
an Amish simplicity in Auroville?
I think we’re talking to everybody.
Great Thou art.
No need to wear homespun clothes,
get all down and dirty
in fixin’ crops.
You can be an urbanite,
or not.
Where we come simple is God.
He’s the keeper
of our relationships human.
We look at all things through Him.
Can you envision this?

Now fight that crowd
God in the flesh.
We are only meeting ourselves.
Nobody has it right in Auroville.
Divine consciousness came.
I think you all spit on it.
Is there anyone on earth that doesn’t?
Few of you.

On top of Auroville
divine process happens.
You would not like to know I’m there.
I’m sorry,
this happens.
An Amish simplicity round house,
I’m doin’ the best I can.
Could you meet me up there?
Luna Rottweiler, photo by Donny

The Whole

photo by Donny

A poem by Donny Lee Duke

Wear Time
What texture is your vision?
Is it otherworldly?
Is it right there on the spot with everything?
Does it see layers?
Can it figure out God?
Do you see the reality behind reality,
see that in everything in reality?
If you only see yourself
standin’ on nothin’ but atomic molecules,
do you see anything else?
There is no beyond the universe,
nothing bigger than any conglomerate you believe in?
Do you see a beginning and an end
to the concept of forever?
Do you see the forces behind the universe
making it all happen?
Do you see yourself in that
a representative player in a chess game
with the ‘figure-it-all-out’?
Do you see meaninglessness as only existence?
Do you see the meaning of the stars?
Can you see any bigger than your little figure on earth
a humpback in immensity?
Can you see yourself in the microscope of time?
Can you see what you’re here for?
Can you see what you have to do?
Can you see the meaning of this poem?
Can you it see it plain and clear?
Can you see I’ve shown yourself beyond time?
Can you see that’s your spot in evolution,
the journey beyond anything stars made,
the journey beyond the universal envelope we’re in?
Can you see that figure here
where you’re at,
a body on earth?
You see a lot, don’t you?
Wear Light
There is an honesty here I can’t seem to capture.
There’s guttural, bold-faced reality
we don’t know how to adapt
to our meaning lives,
to our ordered square one.
We’re faced with it everyday.
We negotiate.
We stand on our head.
We dance and sing.
We don’t know what to do about it,
make it so it works
where our lives face the world.
We just stand there and gaze at it,
not knowing what to do with it.
It’s just a great big mother fucker,
too much little in our lives,
a mountain highway
that falls from grace.
It’s a little bump in the road
that threatens existence.
Now I talk to you
about what we’re doin’ here.
Can we redeem chaos?
Can we take the barrel of the Void
and fill it with God’s wine?
Can we take God’s night
and make it show the world?
Can we be what we are in knowledge
to where we are beneath ourselves?
Can we be real man?
A little piece of God
has fallen into the light.
Will it ever see again
it is God?
I heard you on the stairway hum an old familiar tune [heard sung by Bob Ayala, "Silent Witness"]
with the yoga of the world where God has been,
and we’re reachin’ there, you know?
And I’m with yah buddy.
Abdicate in Light
I seem to see myself
apart from everything,
a whole world unto myself.
I’m inside myself
watching you out there
oh world events in time.
It’s special in here.
It’s got grand in it.
It’s incredibly vast
in the fingers of my see.
I can’t make of it
the right thing to you,
the all, the everything.
Can we call that for later show?
I’m a principle list
in the summation of my see,
and I grapple with you the same.
Equal integers
on this strange planet,
we broker a see.
Incredible, isn’t it?
Is that the only way to see stars?
Can we get out of this?
I’m holdin’ it tight
in everything I do.
Can you believe me?
Oh my God I believe you.
I really, really, do.
Hear me?
We broker a universe
in the substance of ourselves.
We are so down there, you know?

We broker a universe you know.
Get my wings,
and I’m free space,
and I give all that to you.
What’s wrong with this see?
I’m not there yet,
but I’m standin’ right beside you.
Okay I’m blind.
I think you said that.
That’s time’s worth.

Sri Aurobindo Birth Cemetery

from Twitter

A poem by Donny Lee Duke

Tear the whole thing apart.
I’ve been writing all of my life,
over a lifetime’s hole,
the orange and white.
I shake my hips and sing.
Some call me indecent.

Do penises shame?
Do they dance and sing?
It's so down to earth your control program:
nice and cool
leave the boy alone.
We can get over matter.
The most gorgeous boy in the world’s layin’ beside me,
and I’m writing a poem.

Now where do we do business?
That goes there. [vision of a TV screen in snow static]
Walkin’ to Sri Aurobindo’s birth anniversary.
I live it down.
All this interest he’s generated is not sincere.
I don’t know how to tell you this:
he’s clickbait.

Grab his pants will yah?
I’m awfully strong.
I feature in lit fests,
in everybody’s alter ego.
I liberated India
and will the superman bring.
I am bigger than the world,
but I’m only in Indian subcultures:
tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.
We put the energy abounds,
the mesmerizing of a name.

Okay take him apart.
Where would we put him?
I don’t think we can find him
in his early quotations.
Do you know the fullness of his thought?
He wasn’t a barnstormer.
He wasn’t even a nationalist in the end,
where so many put him.
He got bigger than stars.
Would we say Supermind is an Indian thing?
He’s callin’ the shots
for the whole damn race to change.

So pigeonhole him
the nationalistic spirit.
Be a lie unto yourself
because you vote for Trump.
I’m sorry, I’m crossin’ lines.
Can we say Trump’s Modi?
They’re not identical twins.
It’s a time spirit phenomenon
all wrapped up nice and pretty.
Nations are heaving with nationalism.
Hear India?

I don’t know which one there is victory or defeat.
I’m not a time spirit reckoning.
I just came to say Sri Aurobindo
is not a nationalistic voice.
He saw Supermind on earth,
and that was his evolutionary aim,
and that’s what he showed us
much better than we think we saw.
You’re all wrapped up in particulars.
Let’s look at the Sun, shall we?

I think he built a bridge
from here to there,
there beyond this field of stars.
It’s bigger than the universe,
even if you don’t understand it.
I’ve studied there
in one great big moment of my life,
the only way you can see there:
be there.
I’ve offended everybody I know.
It’s not that you believe me;
read me
and tell me I only know here.

Now can we get past a name?
They trip us up every time.
Okay put a pedophile in Supermind1
for one sudden moment in life,
and we’ve found a way out of name.
You got it.


  1. For a description of the experience click here.

The Dream Company episode 11

Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu, India, photo by Donny

Episode 11

Nithish starts us off with a dream where he got to eat his favorite foods and another dream where a bedsheet turned to gold. Then Douglas shares a dream of his horse getting away from him. Next, Mithun goes to visit a guru who teaches him about life force and cryptocurrency. Afterwards, in Donny’s dream he feels he got a sign to start practicing pranayama. Lastly Donny points out how dreams sometimes show what actually is going on with us in our beds while we’re having them.

photo by Jana

A podcast of practical demonstrations of dream interpretation given by a four-member dream group in India that has been together for many years. We show how to interpret dreams, using the same method mother nature uses in giving us our dreams: wider than the world, as flexible as a snake, as irrational as the path of the wind, as unorthodox as God on Earth, and as natural as the soul of things. Join us.

The Pupil and His Divine, a Harmony in Five Measures – 5

Sri Aurobindo and me

Flexibility’s Good Practice

[Although formatted to fit your screen, the poem was originally written in 2014. It’s in the form of a dialogue with multiple speakers: the poet, his divine, various people in the audience, including children, and even a hostile being. Paying attention to punctuation and listening to the poem read, the voices dramatized, play key roles in interpreting it.]

I see my result in the image of tomorrow,
sacrifices for these guys,
sacrifices for children made.
I see a little ahead of us now.
Oh my God,
an image I see,
the sound and the fury of a group called
a rigid belief system.
They deny my answer.
It gains ground instead.

Be useful with my hair.
That’s why I got an office.
Most of the new modem here is for this:
yoga transitions wrong.
It doesn’t recognize itself when the change occurs.
Yoga’s a half light,
an image to see.
It’s necessary.
Yoga at least fields the answer.
Union becomes possible.

A new light on yoga,
a new inspiration on yoga:
Can you come back in about fifteen minutes?
They ask my choice.
Your native place, your country?
American dream.
I hope for your sake as well
it lasts the dream.
Now, the politics has religion.
Doves, a page for arms spending.
It’s a powerful dove now.
I hold you open to everyone.
You don’t know the religion of the Spirit
Mr. Fundamentalist.

American box office,
you’ll allow it
a ten minute jury.
It’s open.
You want a letter hold it down.
Art has business
in imaging ideas.
A new idea
is what we’re looking for.

We’ve got an opening in pictures.
I superstorm that’s fine.
While we’re ahead,
let’s crack divinity’s TV.
It is an image in a notebook
that you write while you’re asleep.
It has what you need.

I’m awareness of God.
You can’t buy that in a bookstore,
nor paint it on a friend.
It’s a personal journey.
I’ll be going down
to the bare minimum.
From there I hope to image this story.
Tagging the program
in the front of my house.

What sweetheart?
Put your finger on us.
Ah ha, that touched my hand.
We’re neighbors you see.
Thought will
go public.

If I understand your meaning right
poetry thinker,
we are a collective body.
That’s our building process
We can image out thought a new reality.
We could do that
instead of who we hate.

Coconut in my big ouch here,
the rumors of war hate fashioned.
We create its dream,
These are primitive seekers,
but we must understand them.
They need to know they’re safe.
Their belief system is their protection
against immensity.

We hear them regard.
We guard our forefather’s knowledge.
We hope to gain by its creed what our forefathers lost,
the right way to live.
We are a ship at anchor in an empty port.
We image reality
by what we see.
There has no greater value
a living scene.
It is solid fact not symbol wrought,
and God in his heaven sits the same.

We image a pupil
who doesn’t listen.
I kinda knew that in the morning.
I stopped vision.
It was drowned by the world.
Hey man what happened?
If you don’t finish it tomorrow…
I put a poem where God lived in me.
The solid confines of matter’s image
can so easily
hide the Unseen from view.

Is there a land bridge here?
I’m happy to see one,
it’s my son,
my little girl.
If I could put their ship in the water on just the right course,
they’ll put together this image
and pilgrim our voyage.
It’s a hope for tomorrow for a future today.
These are my children.
I give them right of way.
I think we image our house here.
It’s got healing window
all our fans said.
I’m okay.
Don’t worry about me.
Just do your homework:
know what to believe.

I’m not surprised.
Here was fine.
We leave our souls numbered on.
This was a glad space in a bright heart,
charity’s donation.
Down there,
infinity held sway.

He organized his room.
What we put?
What we do?
He made soldiers on stacks of bibles
and passed them out to the world.
He cleaned the inside of things,
rejecting old business.
He heard his Stranger call
and wrote it down.
He aloned to himself,
coming into contact with his own world.
His speech betrayed not the things he saw.
He flashed a light of kindness in his arm’s reach.
It was a banquet now.

What did you catch one of those twenty-four hour things?
This was no question posed by the night.
You gathered a liver to your hero.
If it lasts,
it survives.
Your guarantee for the future.
Can we come in from the cold now?
Okay UK say okay.

His private door gave lesson.
This was no ordinary show.
Seventh Avenue,
they looked in on him,
but Sri Aurobindo figured the ticket
and granted this place:
you’re an overmental movement
you understand;
take it easy,
Supermind’s there
standing ground.
Higher than the moon
who put their soul?

He hoped in dream’s pocket.
It was a large measure.
His house they used him
and looked not within.
This was his point of friction with the world.
Constant assault the children were.
He had anger
that he could not hide.
We draw him before
that station-house settled.

Good work,
you have to play on it.
We opposite a six.
Is that good measure?
It’s the right issue today.
What I was tested’s the fact
(come daddy)
I can be a father,
whether or not it works.
What’s yoga?
You have to believe it works.
I’ve said your damn lesson.
Now image reality,
a top of the head see.
Do you get my copycat?

I’m not sitting next to wrong.
I’m sitting next to you.
Can we habitat this truth?
Man, this is our dwelling place.
It has to do with a song.
It only hits you,
you open your eyes.
The Spirit is alive in matter,
and the Spirit stays.
Matter is his habitat but not his standing ground.

Daddy, can I have a digital watch
that tells the time
Here we pause for a word from our sponsor:
the world removes sickness
your body
will be an eternal image;
homeopathic made cure.

A substantiality review,
measure that in heartbeats.
May you grow bigger than yourself.

So many passengers,
they don’t want a heart strong.
It will have to be something that we do together.
Individuals prepare the field.
You’ll have a rough time sitting there
absorbed in your television set
three dimensional.
The hat’s
just a protection
from getting lost in the movie.
Crown chakra,
you gotta wear it.
Do I make myself clear or not?

Can I sleep in your bed tonight?
Now do you believe me?
I will challenge you in the deepest part of your laugh.
Hello my associate
you don’t usually say.
Head bothering you?
I have said a window
opportunity set up.
You’re staring at the wall.
You’d have to see beyond it
to understand what I said.

It would mean
an integral yoga.
Even the masters
couldn’t gather these clothes.
They just never put ‘em on.
You’ll have to step out even,
emptiness said.
Catch my airplane winnebago?
The Spirit is free
in all this

I had trouble with that one.
Fix your feet high.
That’s an asana everybody has trouble with.
Keep practicing.
Yoga will work.

Throw a leg over this movie:
moksha reborn
here in the world.
You’d have to catch the plane,
give it your understanding.
The body is carved by it in silence,
To be totally honest I walked to it
one box at a time.
It was the heart that provided the key.
Once it knew
it was on its way,
the change arrived.

Donny I,
listen to you.
So you don’t have to worry.
That was decent.
That was not about arguing.
it showed me something.
The mind, the heart, the body all integrated,
people solved.

Definitely another subject
(I don’t think so)
the soul is their point of order.
Fits right here.
We begin with an understanding
opening the top of the head
or the heart window
imaging soul.
They will solve each other
if we bring them together right.

I’d like to show you something.
We play music
one measure at a time.
This airs out the difficulty
integration brings.
I’m, I’m good,
This is a substantiality review.
Hear this music?
Boy hears it now.
The public awhile.
Execute this thing.
That’ll take it
off the ground.

We open our opera,
a whole like twenty-eight pages.
One crying.
What’s a matter sweetheart?
Daddy I don’t want to leave you.
We’ll have to have faith
the Mother said.
She’s the one holding it together,
our family arrangement.

I have these children.
Remove the cover.
What do you see?
You’re their daddy.
Touched it,
the front of it.
that really appealed to me.
I lesson in longevity.
Where do you put your scorecard?
There’s really a house.
I want to print it out:
my children
are lessons in love.
You don’t want to mess with them.
I give you
clean house.

A story’s been told
infinity sings.
We nowhere near mirror
the calm flexibility that
we in our divinity will show,
as we stand transformed,
not just stuck on the rafters.

Where will this evolve?
It’s in our daily room,
where we spend our lives holding cares.
Is my rifle here?
What dense energy is that?
It’s what shoots answers,
will not let us see the way out.
Go ask people,
and they figure it out:
if we do get up there,
anything, anything at all,
I have to do it,
I’ve got to get my courage out.
I’m about the idea change.

A body without a beard,
without one iota of fashion together wrong,
if I’m rewriting I’m writing to version fad.
I’m shouting your opinion.
Think that rewrite’s bad?
Flexibility’s good practice.
We are so swayed by our opinions.
Well man,
your opinion,
no matter how sharpened,
might be more narrow than life.

Can you average that?
Bout time you come in.
It’s actually better
to let the truth unfold
instead of proclaiming it.
We evolve here.
You have my answer.
Now that’s actually what it is,
truth evolving.
You’re welcome.

I’m available
across the railroad tracks.
It’s where you see disease.
I’m not that far.
Look how close I am to you,
in your intimacy kitchen,
your bathing and sleeping with
your own concerns.
Where is the line crossed?
Stew there.
Now call for intimacy with me.

What makes you so mad?
I would ask for an associate’s degree.
How many times does justice hate?
Would it be that that hate’s carried over from someplace else,
a little road in you?
It’s not there whispers hate.
We’re not talking
out in the open –
You have ways to avoid that stuff.

What drew these lines?
Hear so many cross.
It’s not a perfect world for me anymore.
Doesn’t have to go.
Trying to tell a river.
We’d open
our eyes and see it.
Then what’s the story?
We can be clean.
I don’t think so.
It’s not that easy.
Oh come on,
top notch of this group,
who knows it?
But tell me,
did you name to the air conditioner five minutes,
just one time?

You make me worry.
Let’s guilt them and them.
Wow, you have society’s hold up here.
Cultural morality
do any justice?
By hidden cost:
we are not permitted to evolve.

Where does the dust settle?
I’m fighting your window,
and it doesn’t open.
Okay, this and with hate:
very shot behind.
Now touch those teeth together,
and we’ve spoken aloud.
I had to get my stuff out of the way
so you got yours.
Hey man this thing’s got director over me.
Could be a wonderful person.
You can change.
I’m tryin’ to get you off the ground.
It’s not better
if said person doesn’t come to see you again.
That touch blisters along.
can help
like who would’ve thought it.
Come on, heart walk strong.
On your way too.

All from eyes
they’ll have knowledge back.
Give them muscle on clean,
what I give clean.
Lemmie get this straight:
wounding sword heals?
Over the end that’s burned.

Good morning,
in our little house
thoughtful matter.
Count how many times the Word gets used.
The average person is comin’ round.
That’s a New York
giving a better New York.
That’s your higher count.

I’ve given you right music,
the corrected story.
It leads up to American
(oh I got here),
the American dream.
Find that equipped
once we get electricity.
We’d save the energy
where our body’s the worst fade:
each other.

we evolve.
Not in here
some rafter said.
Before we close the door
to bodily existence,
we would have made divine matter’s robe.
We would be together by the way.
Think about it.
Evolution, remember?

Decide to get to home plate –
to move and get the temple.
Why are you there?
It can be held again.
It can be found.

I found my soul.
Boys safe –
I feel sorrow.
Get your wrong TV tuned folks –
get God on your plate.
I’m tryin’ to slide you an angle on the classical guitar,
once it got posted,
the body’s freedom.
I’m measuring an ambush this morning –
I’m listening.

You can’t do it marshal,
shoot me in front of God and everybody.
(Make sure Nancy’s resistance is in the place that she wants;
she may resist letting go.)
Related visions,
I keep reading the title of our narrative.
But Bob misses,
play hide and seek.
That’s a camera
charged with think tank.

Eat eggs,
follow the list of the dawn.
Now that you’ve come up with,
you’re the unbelievable:
against evolution.
Albert Einstein the very next day is pointed out as saying:
a special case with special officers,
they couldn’t track it down,
a locked up.
I rank in it,
well self-giving lists.
The world is watching.
A pedophile
makes its sense.

The Pupil and His Divine, a Harmony in Five Measures – 4

the Mother at 5, Sri Aurobido, 7

The Top of the Head Show

[Although formatted to fit your screen, the poem was originally written in 2014. It’s in the form of a dialogue with multiple speakers: the poet, his divine, various people in the audience, including children, and even a hostile being. Paying attention to punctuation and listening to the poem read, the voices dramatized, play key roles in interpreting it.]

you come.
We chakra this drink.
Can you believe I touched that?
That subtle body field,
where you put your hand,
can go inside.
Right this way.
The tooth fairy,
she do it,
touch zero
in my chakra need.

That little flower
below the navel
got burned
by pleasure.
It’s spinning faster now.
There’s a whack in the system,
all out of line.
Watch out,
behavioral problems,
emotional issues,
communication difficulty,
and it continues.

At the base of the spine,
at the tip of the tail,
a stir is underway.
It’s a partial kundilini arousal
of the sleeping kind.
The touch wanted it.
Eventually frustrated.
I want two hundred rupees
life-force size.
You ever wonder why delight?
Will go in directions
all this energy.
Puts the finger on it.

They would like their children…
They’ve already arranged things the way they like them you see.
The children are a boiled mess.
Even a Hatha yogi
– hello –
can’t swim these waters
without preparing years.
A child has its chakras out,
something we don’t know.

Seven dollars
divided by a rule
giving her a favor,
a full payment plan
I’m pretty sure
that agriculture is used.
The lesson plan:
get your
wrong TV tuned.

You’re a loud movie
Little boy.
Turn down the volume
I don’t know,
except that kind of love
increases it so.
Alternative medicine:
they have a top of the head.
Let’s reverse this flow,
channel that energy.

You can see
all the things they want to do.
it doesn’t make sense.
He has the capabilities
of being a proper powerful.
The top of the head focus
will open their inner vision.
All the behavior
has clouded it considerably.

First comes the cleaning
your room,
pick up after themselves,
take out the garbage,
sweep the floor.
Here you know what we found?
A divinity of cleanliness
gathering the ground
on that level.
Finish off this subject.
No one
likes their picture taken
go, go, go.

Second program:
open the top of the head
and keep it open.
This is an area of the house
you can’t touch.
Focus them there.
This is why it takes so long:
well I can’t take it,
quiet now.

Calm down.
Pinpoint your awareness there
with me.
They manage a little bit.
The candle flame
as the sun goes down,
they can feel that
in their crown.
Do this exercise.
It’s a daily practice.

I’m going to the top of my head.
Who wants to join me?
(Lesson out perfume.)
My child where is your awareness?
What about a mountain top?
The television can wait.
Are you alive?
You’re so different.
Anything comes
to mess the routine,
be flexible.

The top of the head,
let me tell you some.
That’s where we cross over
at the death of the body.
The ignorant world,
that was the filling
of knowledge and the divinity.

She goes to school
to learn her way.
I’m not through on my way to the pool.
She holds back.
She’s tired.
Assimilation a lot of read until
the way they are
underwrites divinity.
They’ve got a few minutes
mind you.

I’ve given you something to chew on,
a riddle put in question
and solved.
We base our experience
at the beginning of evolution.
If you read that
you would open the top of the head and keep it open.
It’s a conscious movie.

Can I ask myself,
where is it found?
Why they look
there on the ground?
Asking a Hatha yoga this.
I use mercy to find out.
Meets the standard.
A division of excellence.
You want the best program.
You can’t buy a better arrangement.
I don’t want anything better than that.

Try to use the grocery store.
There’s a, index.
Oh that’s so beautiful
We support our groups.
I’m an issue at the top of the head,
spirit informing matter.
Where are you led?
I don’t think it’s to please behavioral problems.
We focus on matter matter’s our object.

It’s a beautiful arrangement
the world that we see,
but matter’s a picture show,
and we are spirits in it.
Who woke from the dream?
Is matter their gospel?
I bet a kundilini gave paper on this.
She’s around.
Can I borrow a drink?

Kundilini’s ill informed.
There’s a field there,
unshaped energy.
She’s not Spirit’s standing ground.
I’m gonna go in just a minute.
If we start at the base of the spine
to get a spiritual grip,
everything’s under conspiracy;
we have no leadership in the head.

Why did I start this mountain?
Our children’s future has a journey now.
Matter on top,
spirit arranged last,
their journey will be very predictable:
ordinary life.
Yes I agree.

My hat size
has a question for infinity:
matter a rigid movement,
how do we spiritualize it?
Just down here
there’s something going on.
I’m a top down answer.
Oh my folks?
Two disciples of yoga,
the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Names aren’t important.
How would you know?
It’s like a bite,
all the matter
of a person.
My intention
is to get this airplane off the ground.
Any serious pilot knows
that his instruments
are not where he is going.
They guide him there.
This poem
gives a very practical lesson in ground guidance.
I’m not getting a maintenance program.
I’m getting evolved.
I’d say that’s substantial.

We come to the close of our book.
Any questions?
Why it came.
We brought
this little boy
out of dog’s house,
put him in front of everybody
so that matter
can be woken up
from the crown down.
He’s a light on this subject.