A Soul-Dialogue Between a Poet and the Leader of Islamic State

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to sign into Internet Archive to see this video.

This video was taken down from YouTube after 7 years up, which happened on October 31, 2022, and I’ve updated the post accordingly. I contested it, and they reviewed the video and removed the strike against me for violating their terms and policy, saying the violation wasn’t as severe as they thought. Their policy, along with that of all the major social media companies, keeps getting narrower in terms of what you can post. When I posted it the terms were more favorable to art depicting violence, if its intentions were to stop it.

Luckily, I posted this at that same time at Internet Archive, and they immediately made it so you have to sign in to view the video, and they later put it in their deemphasized collections, but it’s still up.

In a few years, the visible net will be controlled like television, and even private websites will be censored, but first it will be the big social media companies that will do it, are doing that now, and it will take longer to take down or control the the content on privately owned websites, and so we at Harm’s End are in the process of making our own website to put up our stuff, as many of our posts call for social change, and anything that truly does that is radical and would offend somebody.

6 thoughts on “A Soul-Dialogue Between a Poet and the Leader of Islamic State

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  2. I couldn’t watch this, because I am a coward, but I applaud you for doing what you have done here – yes, I scanned your post and believe you are a courageous and brilliant person for opening up to this so radically. Namasthe!!!


    1. Making this video literally made me sick, and I went in and out of the hospital suffering from violent stomach attacks throughout the process. It was made at a very high personal cost, as all of my material is, though this one took the cake so far, and no one wants to watch it. I broke down crying so many times at that pain, not just the horror of the people being killed or terrified, but the denied pain of the people doing those things, knowing how they will suffer when they wake up. It’s a big dose of world pain, and in Savitri there’s a couple of lines that says something to the effect we are protected from too fast an awakening to world pain, and I understand why. To see all as God, however, you can’t unless you can look directly into the dreadful eyes of world pain. It’s not something forced or even asked for, not that, and it comes to each in a different way. It’s a stage in the awakening or surfacing of the soul, a painful one, where you sit helpless at the horror of this world, even that of someone getting their feelings hurt. I deal with that by this radical action. It’s the least I can do, being one who awoke first to the pain I had caused.


      1. You sound like a hyperempath (like me) but far braver. I could not have done this. The pain is just as intense for me and today I leave all of this to a higher power to sort out and focus on doing my little bit for all those I meet who are suffering – in my own way. My system cannot take the brutality of this world. I hope you have healed. Much love, Mira


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