Synchronicity with the ‘Will’ Card in the Eternity Game

will card

I drew this card ‘Will’ from The Eternity Game recently and the word Destiny was upright. That evening I read this quote from the Mother. As you can see the words ‘your destiny’ and ‘to the great day of realisation’ were in italics and thus emphasized. I take it as a reminder of where I need to point my will.  I should also add that this card represents the third eye chakra in the game.

If you go deep enough, into a sufficiently complete silence from all outer things, you will find within you that flame about which I often speak, and in this flame you will see your destiny. You will see the aspiration of centuries which has been concentrated gradually, to lead you through countless births to the great day of realisation—that preparation which has been made through thousands of years, and is reaching its culmination.

The Mother from “Questions and Answers 1954” pg 271

For more on the Eternity Game please click here.

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