A Will Not My Own


Some years ago I’d made it rain in a lucid dream and felt a little god-like. Liking that hubris, I decided in my next LD to call down lightning. So, upon becoming lucid the next night or so, I looked commandingly at the sky and hurled my voice to the heavens, shouting over and over, “Lightning! Lightning! Lightning!”

Nothing happened at first of course, as usual, and so I kept at it, and way off in the distance I saw a flash of lightning, and so I continued with more fervor. It got closer, the thunder cap with each bolt getting louder and louder, and then I realized it was walking towards me! And walking is the word, like it was coming for me. Then I began to shout, to myself, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” and just as it got so close I knew the next bolt would hit me, I awoke in bed, shaking like a leaf.

I’ve mentioned this before: there’s some conscious intention in dream beyond our own, or beyond the known part of us; something there is in dreams that just steps in and puts limits on things, in this case my nemesis the lightning bolt. Maybe I was just being a coward, and that was a doorway to somewhere, since dream doors are like that: a fear or terror to overcome, but I sure wasn’t going to remain in that dream and find out.

Has anyone else a story of an unknown intention in LD, a will not yours, that just steps in and changes your plans?

(I originally posted this in the Facebook discussion group Lucid Dreaming For Experts (closed group), and if anyone’s interested in joining, though it’s a closed group, you can. If you’re a beginner there’s the general group called Lucid Dreaming (closed group).


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