The Dream Company episode 13

A selfie of the scapegoat, Donny

Listen to episode 13

Nithish begins with a dream where he’s told our house is in danger. Then, Mithun shares a long dream where our house was in danger and at first he fled, but then returned and faced the danger after asking himself, “What would Krishna do in this situation?”. Next, Donny shares a dream where he spoke out against hatred in front of a huge crowd in a stadium. He also shares a dream about Kali that took place in a spot where an actual Kali temple would be built later. After that Donny put all these dreams in perspective of an upcoming ‘art action’ our group is preparing to take and shares an additional dream he feels relates to this action.

photo by Jana

A podcast of practical demonstrations of dream interpretation given by a four-member dream group in India that has been together for many years. We show how to interpret dreams, using the same method mother nature uses in giving us our dreams: wider than the world, as flexible as a snake, as irrational as the path of the wind, as unorthodox as God on Earth, and as natural as the soul of things. Join us.

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