The Dream Company episode 12

(the video Donny’s dream is about)

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Nithish begins the episode with a dream where he forges Thor’s hammer from the energy from two stars. Then he shares a second dream where he ignored the urge to meditate in a lucid dream, because he was afraid of being harassed by evil nuns. After that, Douglas shares a dream where he went to a pizzeria with Donald Trump and played a game of pool. Next, Donny recounts a dream that he feels shows how Nithish comes across in a video he made and posted on Nithish’s Youtube Channel. Lastly, Midhun shares a dream where he encountered a giant eye.

photo by Jana

A podcast of practical demonstrations of dream interpretation given by a four-member dream group in India that has been together for many years. We show how to interpret dreams, using the same method mother nature uses in giving us our dreams: wider than the world, as flexible as a snake, as irrational as the path of the wind, as unorthodox as God on Earth, and as natural as the soul of things. Join us.