I Dress That Link

photo by Donny

I open up my face in Brahman.
Something happened.
Death lives on in each of us.
Transient houses you made us feel.
Can we all surrender to hatred?
To relations with each other
I bring the death penalty;
I’ve packaged everything—
we hear death talkin’.
Now will you please listen?
Give this say to an individual,
not a group of any nation or purpose,
some wisdom on control.

parallel balance,
that’s the frame I put this in,
on the level.
you alright?
I just put love in enemy territory.
Will I make it out of here alive?
You tell me.
My God that’s balance,
and let’s score you again
just too worth it.

And nobody walks me huh?
It’s crazy but
I go all out with this one,
and your attitudes about how social change comes about,
the best advice.
I put my peril down
and tell you the safe, wholesome fight for everyone.
You will kill me here I know,
if you break truth with me,
of course.

He tore down his statue of self-defense and said one big one today,
Smile Records.
All I want from poetry is my two front teeth.
We don’t need a bully.
The safest place for me to be is away from you.
I’m volunteering at your stacked deck
straight ahead.
Do me a favor,
I’m telling you
don’t press defcon 4.
We’re at the Geneva Convention.

It’s so shallow
if I even make it this far.
I want your hands off hate.
We’ve got to get down into the bowels of society to do that.
That’s why I’m chargin’ bulls
wearin’ red.
I’m down to this science,
and you’re in the war room.
You know what he give me?
Imaginations control,
nobody harm one another in their thoughts.
Can you see that in your mind?

This is hot stuff.
This is how we pay for peace
Do a father to father talk about peace with Emily.
Her underwear got crowded out
by someone in her neighborhood
when she was seven or eight.
The backlist sells cookies so much slower.
She looks blind, hyperactive.
Identify that culprit with me.
No, identify with the culprit.
I’ve just spoken the secret formula that will save the world.
I’ve just spoken huge change.

You have my record.
It was a peace mission.
You’re just the Alamo.
Behind you,
that’s not a peacemaker.
Someone in the vestibules
throwing us all to evil.
They even have a financial access.
Hide and seek
the world demon.
And pray you don’t see him.
It’s a calamity.
Donny, filter.

Read the endless pages.
I’ll have the affordable print tomorrow.
I just copy movies.
I don’t have a thing to say that flowers
a reader’s turnover.
I don’t get published in the sky.
I just sit in my room and write
long letters to humanity.

I’m a shrill voice.
I run the gauntlet of change.
I slip and slide all the time
all over your meaning’s worth.
I Excalibur this now,
put it in a format for you to use/see. [words spoken simultaneously]

Do me a favor,
huddle up.
We’ve got no other choice.
I think the Griffins and the McCoys said that.
Did I just say enemies should speak to each other?
Without contempt.

I’m a Jew you know that.
Don’t hate me for it.
I’m a rightwing political bureau.
I think we would even charity you.
Do suicide
and pull down your pants a pedophile;
can you find anyone that doesn’t want you dead
or not allowed to breathe?

This is poetry central,
giving time a voice
so it can move us away from destruction and decay,
so it can bring meaning into our lives,
give sense to things,
and it can get bigger than all that
be there for us.
It can evolve time.

That’s the secret to noon.
We are not worthy of its hour.
We can’t get out of our sleeping beds.
The world is on fire,
and everybody thinks it’s as plain as day:
horse rider you started it,
you comin’
from a land seize,
or the hideous government,
or a cooperation bring us to our knees.

We’re to blame for the execution,
all of us,
each one of us.
You hear that?
You’re on it all the time.
A government oppresses its people,
and nobody sees the people themselves flavor it.
Take the litmus test.
Who supplies them with the labor
to enforce and to punish and to obey?
The numbers wanting free,
that’s not big enough to form a majority, is it?
And even they oppress
the numbers wanting to obey.
Do we call them traitors?

Let’s click on you.
You would not accept my submission, would yah?
I don’t even think you’d understand it.
Pop goes the weasel.
Another one bites the dust. [heard sung by Queen, line names song]
Oh the poems I’ve wasted on you.

Can I get at this singular event,
I get taken in by somebody
a poet speaking?
I’m still dawn on social approval.
Can we get at being human?
This poem’s for you,
a higher source for love,
even when you’ve exposed yourself on TV.
So filled our cabinet and left.
I’m a garbage bag.
I take only a minute to throw away,
but take a minute and look.
I’m sculptured,
rounded to your looks on things.

You know what you told me when you were a child,
sooner or later—
thank you for the Pepto-Bismol,
so I can start with you
just knock on the door and tell ‘em you’re hungry dammit,
for the zest of life,
more than someone who sucks their thumb;
I need to know I’m safe, okay?
I’m this contradiction in terms—
that kid.

This is the draw-sight for human beings:
love everybody’s neighbor,
love and support.
Crazy kid,
he loves a pedophile.
We give it much more than it came from,
call it much more than it is:
I love you too honey child.

You hear us now.
We are not strangers on earth.
We carry the world in the litany of our smile.
That’s 12 o’clock high.
That’s our love song.
Is that child safe with me?
We bring the world together.

Do you wanna make climate?
It worked for our team so much.
Film this great, narrow, stone bed.
To put them in the mall?
I’ll have a Rottweiler to try to stay down there
to put you in touch with time.
She just makes everything so real.
She's down there right now,
a love angle.

Can we calamity this?
That’s the nature of this paper,
the spirit of love.
And I’ve just waved a red flag under your nose.
Control yourself, will yah?
I’m not asking you to accept pain to a child
or harm done to him.
I think I’ve reached into your hate basket and pulled out the biggest one:
you can’t put these two together
and make a story out of love.

Self-defense mechanisms aside,
that’s how I define the world:
and he’s safe with me.
Now let’s look at your self-doubts.
Is he safe with you?
Will you kill him because you’ve seen him on this page
close to someone who loves boys?
Is this to make you feel safe?

let’s give everybody some room to breathe.
Mighty this one;
imagine this one—
I have a missed call:
it’s not a hateful love.
It’s right on time:
for all the world to see.

The Christ Runner

Photo of sitting man by Savannah Class, of painting by Malcolm Lightbody, both on Unsplash

is that the name of God?
Would you call him Jesus?
I don’t understand God’s son.
Would a man give birth to a dog?
The son is the substance of his father
and his mother,
and where is she in this picture
when we talk about the Trinity?
No God wore.

You’ve made up a family
to give God sustenance in your lives.
You don’t understand God.
Who can?
Come on let’s see God.
I don’t know where He comes from.
Could we call Jesus a bastard child?
Honestly, do you think his society did not?

Where do we go here?
I think Mary escapes to Ein Karem
to avoid being stoned.
Oh hi Elizabeth you’re pregnant too
out of wedlock.
Now can we capture sexual sin?
No he’s king of the world.
It was all a plan:
die on the cross for our sins.
And we’ve made up another story
to grapple with God in man.

Who was Jesus?
A little child born out of wedlock,
and everybody taunted him for it,
and he really suffered.
Is this in the Gospels?
No, it’s logic and common sense.
The people of his day hated adulterers
and bastard children.

Can the pedophile say that today?
Oh my goodness I’ve crossed lines
imaging sexual sin,
and how we use that to hate people.
Can you imagine a God of hate?
I think some people do.
Is that you?

Take Jesus by the hand,
and he will show you love for your neighbor,
even if your neighbor sins.
Compassionate Christ,
how that contradicts your world order.
I can’t imagine Jesus stoning people.
Go to hell you sinner!
You didn’t vote for me!
And that’s the Christ?
How conveniently laid out in your plans
to force the world on your belief.
Thank God there’s God,
the truth of things, you know?
no matter what you believe.

Jesus Christ,
I’ve not counted him exactly.
He gives us roads,
all the way to enlightenment/paradise. [worlds spoken simultaneously]
Our meeting him determines the course.
He’s not a throw away deity.
He gauges sin,
and helps us cross it.
We are loved there.

We bring him deity to us,
can find that Christ in ourselves,
the divine element,
and transfigure this in man.
These are later stages the Gospels know not of.

I think you’re seein’ Jesus,
the Christ in our lives,
spilt by Christianity.
The religion does not capture the man.
It’s legal framework
whereby to tax sin,
a framework of belief
to tail the universe on,
a holier-than-thou
that puts everyone else in hell.

This is the religion for the ages.
This is God’s total store
for man in planetary being alive.
Immensity knows no other look
than this.
What medieval planet have you been hanging out on?
I don’t think Jesus would recognize himself here.
Would you crucify him,
goes the refrain, [above and below lines lyrics from “Would You Crucify Him?”]
if he walked right here among you once again?

Now that’s John Michael Talbot.
He put down his sword
and became a religious man.
What do we do with him today?
Oh John,
you are so faithful to the Lord.
Is that a TV program?
Where is that window you opened
on the truth of Christ?
It’s right here
in the lyrics of this poem.
There’s positive paintings of the way of Christ.
You take the ball and run with it.
The ways of divinity ride here.

What happens if you destroy it,
the value of Christ?
You’re witnessin’ a new reality
if you don’t.
We’re all here in airplanes
evolving Christ.
We’re lookin’ at time.
We need a revolution here on earth.
There’s no way to avoid it
if we want to actually survive.
The unity consciousness,
a consciousness of Christ, hello?
He’s good for heroes.
Yes, he is good for heroes,
and the Gospels leave that out.

This poem was came about as a result of a conversation with a curator of the blog Some View of the World. The link will take you the post of theirs where the conversation took place, quite short on their end, and this is the second poem resulting from that. The other one you can read there.