The Dream Company episode 7

Nitish podcasting, photos by Donny, gimped by him

Episode 7

Nithish starts us off with a lucid dream where he was granted superpowers by our teacher the Mother to fight enemies at the local market. Then he discusses how the next day he felt the presence of a dead woman at her funeral and it seemed to him like a superpower. Then Douglas’ shares a dream he had years ago in Bolivia with Sri Aurobindo and an amazing synchronicity that happened around the same time. Lastly, Donny shares a dream where he was part of the Mother’s entourage where they went down some stairs. He then relates that to his following day and what in our yoga is called the ‘Physical Consciousness’.

photo by Jana

A podcast of practical demonstrations of dream interpretation given by a four-member dream group in India that has been together for many years. We show how to interpret dreams, using the same method mother nature uses in giving us our dreams: wider than the world, as flexible as a snake, as irrational as the path of the wind, as unorthodox as God on Earth, and as natural as the soul of things. Join us.

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